The method in Iranian madness

Why does Iran issue ugly threats against Israel on an almost daily basis, saying that Israel will be annihilated, that it is a cancerous tumor that must be cut out, and so forth? After all, if they want to avoid an Israeli attack, shouldn’t they be a little less open about their intentions?

Maybe this News item will help us understand:

[Der Spiegel’s] investigative report said that a few months after the Munich Massacre, then Foreign Minister Walter Scheel held a secret meeting with representatives of the terrorist organization in order to create what was termed a “new basis of trust.”

The German government, according to classified documents obtained by Der Spiegel, did not demand that the terrorists completely stop terrorist activities, but only asked that they avoid attacking in Germany. In return, said the report, the terrorists sought to upgrade the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) political status.

German authorities also avoided prosecuting those involved in the terror attack on the Israeli athletes, the report said. Three of the terrorists who were captured alive were released after two months, after terrorists from “Black September” hijacked a Lufthansa plane.

It is typical for terrorists to try to split the nations opposed to them by promising immunity against further atrocities to one or another country. The Iranian regime employs terrorism as a major part of its foreign policy, so why shouldn’t it take the same approach to diplomacy as Black September?

By effectively making their nuclear program appear to be primarily a threat against Israel, Iran sends a message to the  Europeans and the US that they are safe. We are just going to kill some Jews, they suggest, and you don’t want to go to war over Jews, do you?

I’m sure the message is being transmitted explicitly in private as well, along with threats that if the US and Europe do not go along, then bad things could happen to them as well. And there are a lot of bad things that Iran can do cheaply.

The Iranians know that they can’t persuade Israel that a nuclear weapon in their hands is not an existential threat. But they may be able to persuade the US and Europe that the real problem is not an Iranian bomb, but the Israeli reaction to it. And that is what they are trying to do.

Their objectives are a) to prevent a US attack and b) to get the US to prevent a Israeli one, until their program is complete.

This is exactly why the Israeli doctrine that its defense must not be placed in the hands of any other nation or organization is so important, and must not be abandoned under any circumstances.

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One Response to “The method in Iranian madness”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The Iranians calling out so clearly for destruction of Israel should make them a global pariah. They are encouraged to repeat this call by this abstention from outrage.
    Their obsession about repeating this threat is a sign that it is not only a tactical move on their part but a ‘religious’ and ‘real goal’. Of course it for a time also put them at the head of those ‘protecting the rights’ of the Palestinians. Now the Sunni competition deprives them a bit of primacy here. But it is certainly one way of making them admired by all the fanatic Islamists of the world.
    It too most importantly keeps alive the ‘fervor’ of the Revolution.
    I agree that the Europeans are important simply because without them the United States is more isolated and perhaps less likely to take action. I also have no doubt that the Iranians are ‘working’ on them although I do not believe they have to work too hard to keep the Europeans ‘passive’.
    What has surprised me is that the Iranians have not done more of ‘The American people are our friends and the only real enemy is the Zionists’ . Isolating Israel completely is no doubt a real goal for them. The problem is of course that they truly hate America also , and so Big Satan is still attacked even though tactically they might be wiser to focus on ‘Little Satan’ only.