Enraged Zionists burn Apple stores!

Map of Israel from iOS 6 Apple Maps which leaves out Jerusalem (courtesy Algemeiner)

Map of Israel from iOS 6 Apple Maps which leaves out Jerusalem (courtesy Algemeiner)

Violent demonstrations broke out in front of Apple stores all over the world when furious Zionists found out that the Apple Maps app on its new iOS 6 operating system does not show any capital for the State of Israel.

“It’s outrageous,” said one who called himself ‘Moshe’, as he heaved a brick at the stylish store in Manhattan. “Ya tapuchim bnei zonot,” he shouted, running from police officers. Others poured gasoline on a huge effigy of an iPad and set it alight while singing hatikvah.

When it became clear that not only was there no capital shown on the map of Israel, but that World Clock listed ‘Jerusalem’ without any country — the only city so listed — the fury reached a fever pitch, with Apple ‘geniuses’ running for their lives as mobs of enraged Jews broke into the stores, waving signs calling for the beheading of CEO Tim Cook and the reversal of the verdict in the Samsung patent suit.

“You can’t insult Zionism and get away with it,” said one rioter at Apple HQ in Cupertino, wearing a ski mask underneath his kippa. “We’re all Android users now!”


In case you are reading this in an Arab country and miss the satirical intent, I’ll make it clear that there were in reality no Zionist riots, despite the fact that Apple seems to be taking the position that the Jewish homeland has no capital, and that Jerusalem is located on Mars.

We will give Apple a few days to fix this clearly inadvertent bug in its new software, and to apologize. I’m sure they will.

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One Response to “Enraged Zionists burn Apple stores!”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    In most Jewish communities throughout the world a very aged population simply would not have the physical strength to riot.
    Rioting is not a privilege Jews historically have been in much of a position to engage in.
    Even in Israel where there are large numbers of rioting- age Jews there are not the kinds of riots we see elsewhere, with the burning, looting, etc.
    Nonetheless I am sure the various groups of Anti- Semites would find ways of demonizing us for this poor rioting ability.
    You correctly point out the truth that ‘double- standards’ prevail against us whatever we do or do not do.