Journalists and ‘human rights’ official bash Israel in private, too

So you don’t understand why Israel gets such bad treatment in the international press? And you wonder why the war crimes of Hamas and Arab terrorism are invisible to the “human rights” industry?

Let’s look, thanks to Alana Goodman, at how these folks talk among themselves, on their (no longer) private Facebook page, the Vulture Club (which, according to Goodman, has about 3,500 members).

Cast of characters:

Peter Bouckaert, senior official of Human Rights Watch
Jerome Delay, AP photojournalist
Javier Espinosa, El Mundo reporter
Marc Bastian, Agence France Press reporter
Andrew Ford Lyons, International Solidarity Movement activist
Julia Macfarlane, BBC World Service journalist
Fredrik Naumann, Photojournalist for Felix Features (Norway)
Jan Eikelboom, “News hour” reporter (Netherlands)
Thomas Haley, independent photojournalist
Bruno Stevens, independent photojournalist, Belgium
Susan Glen, university lecturer in photojournalism, UK

Here they are discussing the recent report of the Israeli government about what I called “one of the most damaging fake atrocity stories in military history,” the al-Dura hoax.

How professional and unbiased they are! The initial post appears to be by the university lecturer, Susan Glen.

Vulture Club Facebook page

Update [23 May 1237 PDT]: Can you read more about these conceited liars without throwing up? Try reading Yori Yanover’s exposé here.

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One Response to “Journalists and ‘human rights’ official bash Israel in private, too”

  1. Robman says:

    You know, sometimes I wonder, at a philosophical level, if “evil” is not some kind of constant in the world. That is to say, it is always more or less operating at the same level, and if it is tamped down in one place, it simply surfaces at another.

    This is just unadulterated Jew-hatred. That is what this is. This is qualitatively no different from what motivated concentration camp commanders in the Wermacht, who perhaps really believed that all of Germany’s problems stemmed from those ‘damned Joos’.

    This proves that there is no point in trying to engage such people in ‘rational debate’. Facts, logic, history, mean nothing to them whatever. There agenda is to f*** Israel. To them, getting rid of the Evil Zionist Entity is the solution to the world’s problems, even if that means a genocide.

    Israel needs to bar such people from even entering the country.

    They and what they represent simply must be defeated.