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It’s 2018. Israel is still beleaguered, but not by its traditional foes.

In a short, bloody war in 2015, Israel crushed Hizballah. Shortly thereafter, it launched a series of strikes against the Iranian nuclear infrastructure, using new non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) technology against above-ground installations, plus ultra-precise multiple-strike penetrating bombs to open the underground bunkers. Without Hizballah and without an answer to NNEMP weapons, Iran was forced to defer its nuclear ambitions indefinitely.

Syria’s civil war still sputters and flares, with Assad’s Russian-supported forces in control of the coastal areas and Damascus, while various rebel groups hold the rest. An independent Kurdistan has been declared (although it hasn’t been recognized by the UN), including parts of Iraq and Syria.

Insurrections also continue with various levels of violence in Iraq, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, and other states. Jordan, which received a massive amount of military aid from Israel, is still under control of the Hashemite king, although there are insurgents operating there too.

With the destruction of Hizballah and the partial neutralization of Iran, organized terrorism worldwide has declined. But there are still multiple radical Islamist organizations that are challenging their perceived enemies wherever they can.

After the Egyptian economy disintegrated in 2014-15, the Islamist regime was overthrown by the military. Some food aid was received from the US, but nowhere near enough to prevent food riots, widespread malnutrition and some actual starvation. Israel is providing the military government with large amounts of water (from gas-powered desalinization plants) to irrigate parts of the Sinai. Partly in return (and partly to protect its own existence) Egypt has been cooperating with Israel in keeping weapons away from Hamas and fighting radical Islamists in the Sinai.

Although greatly weakened during the years of AKP dominance, the Turkish military has reasserted itself and with much popular support has reined in the excesses of ErdoÄŸan’s regime. Many officers that were imprisoned (with or without trials) have been rehabilitated, and the army has made it clear that it will not stand for further erosion of secular institutions. Relations with Israel have also improved, as the pragmatic officers overrode the AKP’s ideological rigidity.

Meanwhile, Israel’s economy is continuing to do well. Its huge natural gas reserves have enabled it to produce large amounts of electricity at very low cost, which it uses in part to desalinate sea water. For the first time in history, Israel has enough water! Natural gas is also exported to Turkey and Eastern Europe, in accordance with an agreement with Russia to maintain prices.

The PLO still exists and still rules most of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. It still receives subsidies from Europe and the US, and still tries to engage in ‘popular resistance‘ (murder by means of weapons other than guns and explosives) when possible.

Hamas, cut off from aid from Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood, now exists primarily on UN aid, a massive expansion of UNRWA.

So where does the threat that I mentioned above come from?

In two words, Western Europe.

The UK has its first Muslim Prime Minister, elected after the escalating riots of 2014-5. Considered by all a ‘moderate’, he managed to quiet the uprisings by promising to establish shari’a courts with authority over Muslim towns and enclaves throughout the country (very few non-Muslims remain in those areas). British Jews have taken a very low profile since the riots, during which many were targeted by the rampaging mobs. Many of those whose Zionist sympathies were known fled to Australia or Canada, and some went to Israel. Although the PM publicly says that he supports the continued existence of Israel, he favors a right of return for all Arab ‘refugees’ — there are now 10 million claiming refugee status — release of all Arab prisoners, and “an end to apartheid.”

The rest of the EU states are more or less the same, although they do not yet have Muslim heads of state. The French Jewish community has almost entirely left, most going to Israel. Antisemitic acts by Muslims — but also by non-Muslims who blame Israel and Jews for the violence of Muslims and for economic problems — have multiplied. Jews in Holland, the Scandinavian countries, etc. are also fleeing because they feel they cannot depend on their governments to protect them from pervasive Jew-hatred.

Muslim demands have a history of being quickly accommodated, since if they are not the result is often violent. Most such demands relate to local autonomy, shari’a courts in Muslim areas, compliance with Muslim sensibilities about food, animals, alcohol, ‘blasphemy’ and ‘immorality’ in media, school curricula, etc.

But as happened in 2013 with the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby, we see more and more violent acts ‘explained’ in terms of foreign policy. The EU has long since removed any military presence from Afghanistan (as did the US; Afghanistan is today ruled by the Taliban); but now demands center on policy toward Israel.

Antisemitism in Europe is taken for granted, even in countries where there are few Jews (most of them, now). In Germany, for example, politicians can safely say that while the Holocaust was a great evil, it is possible to understand how Jewish behavior, if it did not cause it, at least created the conditions that made it possible. Likewise, there is little sympathy for Israel, which is seen as an instigator of violence, not its victim.

As the threats from Israel’s neighbors recede, we find the danger from nuclear-armed, unstable Europe increasing.

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One Response to “Things to come”

  1. Robman says:

    I sure hope Obama’s flunkys are spying on your blog, Vic.

    Maybe they’ll learn something.

    You describe an interesting and plausible scenario.

    The big wild card here that you leave out – I suppose deliberately – is the U.S. How matters unfold here between now and circa 2018 can either make this potential scenario you describe above either a lot more manageable, or a lot worse.

    One possible outcome is that the forces that brought and maintained Obama in power – i.e., the Arab petrodollar lobby, the far left academia set that have a near total lock on the range of debate on relevant issues among the “educated” class, the outrageously corrupt national media – remain in place largely undiminished in influence no matter how badly Obama’s second term turns out.

    In this case, even if the GOP runs a candidate who is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abe Lincoln all rolled into one, it won’t matter. The national media and their supporting talking heads in academia will simply get everybody chanting the same mantra they were in ’12 and in ’08: “Why can’t the Republicans ever nominate a decent candidate? Waaaahhh!”

    If that isn’t enough, the Arab petrodollar pimps will make sure Obama’s anointed successor has at least as much or more $$$ than his or her GOP opponent, and if all of that isn’t enough, then the vote itself will be rigged as needed in key swing states to steal the election…just like this last time.

    In this case, the U.S. won’t be that far behind Europe on the policy issues relevant to Israel (and much else besides), no matter what the bulk of the American people really think or feel. And Israel will be beleaguered indeed.

    On the other hand, if the current and, in all probability, future unfolding scandals of this administration spark a great enough public outrage that translates into effective grassroots action, maybe, just maybe, we might at least have something resembling a clean election in ’16. I think that is all we’d really need…I expect public frustration and disgust to be so great with Obama and what he represents by that time that the GOP really could win with Bozo the Clown.

    But we really don’t have to worry about a prospective President Bozo, at least where Israel is concerned (we’ve already got that…). If you look at the GOP field right now, virtually every potential candidate would be far more genuinely pro-Israel than Obama, and in a larger sense, determined to restore American standing/prestige on the world stage. I don’t see very many Islamist apologists among the GOP contenders; the bad guys have not turned the GOP nearly to the extent that they have the Democratic Party, at least not yet (watch out for Chris Christie, though…and the jury is still out on Rand Paul, though I think even he’d be an objective improvement over Obama).

    So, what it boils down to, in my view, is that we need a clean election in 2016. Sounds simple and straightforward, but it is anything but. I honestly don’t know, one way or the other, if we’re going to have this, or if we’re stuck in “United States of Venezuela” mode indefinitely. We’re so screwed up now in this regard that the idea of a clean election next time around for president represents a very serious challenge.

    IF we get that clean election, though, a resurgent U.S., allied with others such as Canada and Australia, could easily face down an economically decrepit, decadent Europe that falls under the sway of their Moslems. However bad the Europeans may be, I really don’t believe that even a heavily Moslem-influenced Europe would be suicidal on the order of mullah-ruled Iran. Thus, faced with a nuclear-armed Israel backed up by the U.S., and with further diplomatic support perhaps from the likes of Canada and Australia, even the Europe described in Vic’s piece above would not be able to do much more than whine ineffectually over Israel.