A letter to the Prime Minister

Memorial to Ofra and Tal Moses, burned to death in 1987 when Mohammed Dawd threw a firebomb into their car. Dawd is scheduled to go free in the upcoming prisoner release.

Memorial to Ofra and Tal Moses, burned to death in 1987 when Mohammed Dawd threw a firebomb into their car. Dawd is scheduled to go free in the upcoming prisoner release.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I will be returning to Israel next year, after more than 25 years in the US. So now that I will be an Israeli again, I think I am allowed to take the gloves off:

What you did by agreeing to release more than 100 Arab prisoners who have been convicted of crimes including multiple murders is beyond wrong. It is shameful. It is disgusting. It is immoral. And it is stupid.

I admit that I am shocked. I admired you. I thought that you learned Zionism from your father, and I know that you put your body on the line more than once for the state of Israel. So how could you do it?

I understand that the murderous insects to be released are older, they will be carefully watched, etc. So maybe they will be unlikely to hurt anyone again (although maybe not).

But look what you have done:

You have betrayed the families of the victims of these terrorists, who were shot, burned, stabbed, blown up and beaten to death. They believed that they had received justice, even if they would never get their loved ones back. Now they will watch their killers grin and make victory signs on television as our ‘peace partners’ celebrate their heroic return. For what?

You have destroyed the honor of the Jewish people. You have put up a sign saying “an Arab is superior to a Jew, you can kill them and go free.” Nothing is more important in the Middle East than honor. Did you forget that you live in the Middle East? You handed Israel’s enemies a huge victory. For what?

You have made a mockery of Israel’s justice system. Murder isn’t murder, if the perpetrator is a Palestinian. Multiple life sentences evaporate. For what?

I strongly opposed the decision to release prisoners in return for Gilad Shalit, but at least you got Shalit back. What did you get for this?

You certainly didn’t get the approval of Israel’s Jewish population, 84% of whom opposed the decision.

No, what you got was the agreement of the illegitimate ‘President’ of the Palestinian Authority, who couldn’t deliver on a ‘peace’ agreement if he wanted to — which he doesn’t — to sit at the same table with you and make even more outrageous demands, demands for Israel’s capital, demands to flood the state with so-called ‘refugees’, demands to expel Jews from their homes, so he can establish a state dedicated to the destruction of yours and mine, and fill it with rocket launchers.

You know in your heart that there will not be a real peace with the Palestinian Arabs in our time. So why did you throw away our honor to decorate Obama’s resumé?

Oh, you got something from Obama too?

Maybe he promised to bomb Iran’s centrifuges next week. I hope so, because if it was anything less, you sold yourself and your people far too cheaply.

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3 Responses to “A letter to the Prime Minister”

  1. Olgordo says:

    It’s beyond belief, concession after concession with absolutely nothing to show for it!

    Of course, it will be pretty popular among many in the UK Jewish weak-knees brigade and, no doubt, their US counterparts, who are primarily concerned with their image among their gentile friends and colleagues.

  2. NormanF says:

    Why in the world should the Arabs make peace with a people who have no honor?

    This is something the Arabs understand well – that many of their outrageous demands are designed to test the Jews to see if they believe in something that is dear to them, that there is a price they will not pay!

    The Prime Minister Of Israel today demonstrates he believes in nothing, not even in the value of a Jewish life. And justice – that is he about to subvert, is as he admitted himself, a “foundational value”.

    No other people on earth would do what the Jews are going to do! No wonder the Nazis saw the Jews as untermenschen. The worst anti-Semites could not have dreamed up this kind of tawdry and wretched moment.

    “For the good of the country?” None of this will lead to lasting peace! If this is the price that has to be paid to obtain the dubious privilege of sitting down with Jew-hating Arabs, what is the price Israel is going to have to pay to get an agreement with them?

    This is a reprehensible deed and there is no excuse for it. Bejamin Netanyahu has demonstrated he is not fit to be Israel’s Prime Minister with this depraved and cowardly act! Its a shameful moment in Jewish history and this will backfire on the Prime Minister and the government of Israel.

    Jews are an honorable people too and their lives are worth something! They are not meant to purchased for a place at a table in Washington with an enemy that rejects the very idea of making peace with the Jewish State in the first place. Today, the Prime Minister does not speak for me and he does not speak in the name of the Jewish people. There can be no true peace without justice and honor!

  3. Shalom Freedman says:

    I voted for Netanyahu and have supported him all through the years.
    I cannot understand how he would do this.
    My only surmise is that it is connected with his idea of attacking Iran and receiving full U.S. backing when doing so.
    I agree that it shameful, disgusting, immoral, and a violation of every principle and pragmatic position Netanyahu preached through the years.
    I believe this may be the end of his political career as many of his most staunch supporters, including as it were moderate ones like myself find this present action more than a mere mistake, a kind of sin.