The EU: abject cowardice and racist bullying

EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton with former Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad. Courtesy Jewish Press

EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton with former Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad. Courtesy Jewish Press. Ashton appears to be waving the foot of a huge chicken, perhaps in celebration of European courage.

On September 1, 1939, German aircraft bombed the town of Wielun, Poland. Five minutes later, a German battleship bombarded the free city of Danzig, and several hours after that German infantry and armor invaded on three fronts.

On September 3, the UK and France declared war on Germany (of course Britain did little until Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940, but that’s another story).

Note that they did not declare war on the Kriegsmarine, the Luftwaffe, or the Heer. Even Neville Chamberlain understood that the struggle was against the Nazis, and Germany’s armed forces were simply instruments thereof. But today’s European Union (EU) politicians aren’t even Chamberlains, not to mention Churchills.

There is indisputable evidence that Hizballah has been responsible for world-wide terrorism over the past three decades, including several attacks in EU nations — the latest being the bombing of a tour bus carrying Israelis in Burgas, Bulgaria. Hizballah also carried out the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005. It was directly responsible for the Second Lebanon War with Israel, and is on track to start another one.

Despite this, the EU has been so far unable to decide to call Hizballah a terrorist organization. But riding to the rescue is Churchill-like Catherine Ashton, the head of EU Foreign Policy:

European governments have been deadlocked over the issue since May when Britain asked for the Shi’ite Muslim group’s military wing to be put on the EU terror list, citing evidence it was behind a deadly bus bombing in Bulgaria last year.

Several EU capitals had objected, arguing such a move could destabilize Lebanon where Hezbollah is part of the government, and questioning whether there was sufficient evidence linking the group to the attack in the seaside resort of Burgas [nonsense — ed.]

Before further talks on the issue in the coming days, the EU’s Catherine Ashton suggested a compromise that could allay concerns that a blacklisting would complicate the EU’s relations with Lebanon.

Two EU diplomats told Reuters the proposal suggests including a statement the EU “should continue dialogue with all political parties in Lebanon” and maintain funding to Beirut.

This is one of those propositions that is so utterly moronic that it’s hard to present it with a straight face in order to refute it! Ashton would like us to think there is a political wing of Hizballah which does, er, politics, and a military wing which blows people up and starts wars. She does not explain who tells the military wing whom to blow up.

In case you are wondering, here is an organization chart for Hizballah. Having Allah and Muhammed at the top is a nice touch:

Hizballah organization. Courtesy Wikipedia, Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh

Hizballah organization. Courtesy Wikipedia, Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh

The truth is that the EU is so frightened of Hizballah and its patron and puppet-master Iran, that this absurd distinction is the best it can do — if it even goes this far.

Of course there is no danger that the Jews will blow up anything or anybody in Europe, so the EU is quite courageous in its denunciations of and directives against Jews living in places that Europeans promised them that they could live in, until they decided to take back their promises.

Sound familiar? Europeans have been kicking Jews out of their homes for centuries. In a temporary fit of sanity (or humanity) they let them return to their homeland, but apparently almost immediately were seized by regrets. Now they are doing their best to shrink it, while at the same time empower the  less ‘civilized’ enemies of the Jews — like Hizballah — who want them gone entirely.

That’s apparently EU political character: abject cowardice compensated for by racist bullying. What a joke.

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One Response to “The EU: abject cowardice and racist bullying”

  1. Robman says:

    Here’s a modest proposal:

    Israel should make an official pronouncement that in the event of a nuclear attack from Iran, or even a WMD attack from Hezbollah or Syria – or anyone else – Israel’s retaliation will not be limited to the origin of the attack.

    Israel’s retaliation, by means of the most powerful weapons in her arsenal, will include targets in countries that have materially enabled her adversaries, INCLUDING EUROPEAN CAPITALS.