The Archbishop is an idiot

WilliamsFrom the BBC today:

The Israeli-built West Bank security barrier is a symbol of what is “deeply wrong in the human heart”, the Archbishop of Canterbury [Dr. Rowan Williams] has said.

So far, so good. I can’t imagine too many things more deeply wrong than suicide terrorism. But he adds

We are here to say, in this so troubled, complex land, that justice and security is never something which one person claims at the expense of another or one community at the expense of another…

Is he saying that Israelis are unjust to ‘claim security’ by fencing terrorists out if this is inconvenient for the Arab community? It seems so. His point seems to be that just as terrorism is an expense to the Jews, so is fencing to the Arabs. More:

We are here to say that security for one is security for all. For one to live under threat, whether of occupation, or of terror, is a problem for all, and a pain for all…

This is insane. The fence and terrorism, he implies, are equivalent forms of ‘threat’. Self-defense is aggression, war is peace, love is hate, truth is lies, and you, Dr. Williams, are an idiot.

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One Response to “The Archbishop is an idiot”

  1. Vic Rosenthal says:

    Lately we hear a lot about how the Christians in Bethlehem are suffering; and as usual, it’s all Israel’s fault. But who is really oppressing Christians in Bethlehem, and indeed throughout the Middle East? Read Martin Solomon’s comment here.