A message to the press that covers the Mideast

In April, the largest union of British Journalists voted to boycott Israeli goods. At that time BBC reporter Alan Johnston had been a prisoner in Gaza for about a month, and he’s still not out.

Jeep used in attackYesterday, the Islamic Jihad organization showed its appreciation of continued support for the Palestinian cause by most of the world news media by using a jeep camouflaged to look like a press vehicle in order to attempt to carry out an attack (probably another kidnapping) against an Israeli position.

Here is my message for journalists and others who support the Palestinian and other jihadist causes:

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other such groups, in addition to being murderous terrorists, do not respect concepts like access to information, a free press, or indeed a free anything. Any part of the world that they inhabit becomes a kind of hell permeated by thuggery and intolerance. They cynically manipulate and take advantage of democratic and enlightened traditions in places like Israel to try to destroy them.

So when you ‘tell the story’ of the poor, persecuted Palestinians (whose terrorist militias are supported by the jihadist oil superpowers of Saudi Arabia and Iran), keep in mind that you might end up kidnapped like the unfortunate Johnston, or as the unintended target of an Israeli tank.

And keep in mind that Europe and North America are next.

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One Response to “A message to the press that covers the Mideast”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Gloating is not a very admirable action. But the temptation here is strong. The International Media has been ’tilting’ to the Palestinians for over three decades. Their cruelties were often ignored while Israel’s defensive actions were blamed.
    As the Media itself is now becoming ‘victim’ to the Palestinian chaotic terror
    perhaps some of them will wake up and understand how they have mis- written the story all along.