UC Irvine Muslim students to stage hatefest (again)

The Muslim Student Union [MSU] at the University of California, Irvine — one of the most militant anti-Zionist groups on the US campus scene — is staging a massive multi-week anti-Israel event, including appearances by notorious Israel-haters such as George Galloway, Cynthia McKinney, Anna Baltzer, Amir Abdel Malik Ali, and the inimitable Gideon Levy of Ha’aretz.

I could write a book about every one of them, but suffice to say — absolutely without exaggeration — the leadership of Hamas is no more fervently devoted to the destruction of the Jewish state than any of the above. And the same goes for the MSU, which explicitly supports Hamas.

The event is called called “Israel: the Politics of Genocide”, which is actually quite accurate if you think about the goals of the terror organizations supported by the MSU. If you are a member of Facebook, you can see the MSU’s announcement here.

The thing that really drew my attention, though, is the list of useful idiots co-sponsors. Here they are:

Afrikan Student Union
Alpha Epsilon Omega [an Armenian fraternity on campus]
Armenian Student Association
Asian Pacific Student Association
Hindu Student Council
Hip Hop Congress
Pakistani Student Association
Society of Arab Students
Sikh Student Association
The Agora
Radical Student Union
Vietnamese Action Committee
Young Americans for Liberty
Workers Student Alliance

OK, I understand the Society of Arab Students and the Pakistani Student Association, but the Hip Hop Congress? The Hindu Student Council?

I’m particularly unhappy to see the Armenians there. As Christian victims of a Muslim genocide like the one Hamas and the MSU would perpetrate in Israel if they could, they should understand that they are on the wrong side (consider Hamas’ treatment of Christians in Gaza).

Yes, they are understandably annoyed by Israel’s failure to call for Turkey to admit that the events of 1915 were in fact genocide. But it would be better for them to concentrate their efforts on the US — or the EU, which Turkey wants to join — than on a tiny country whose foreign policy is dictated by considerations of survival.

Oh, in case you are interested in what to expect, here’s Amir Abdel Malik Ali speaking at a previous event held at UC Irvine:

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2 Responses to “UC Irvine Muslim students to stage hatefest (again)”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Of all the people in this gathering the one who has caused the greatest damage to Israel is Gideon Levy. The fact that he and Amira Hass and a number of others write the most vicious and often mendacious anti- Israel propaganda for ‘Haaretz’ is shameful and disgusting. Behind them and the person who through the years has brought untold damage to Israel is the paper’s long- time owner, and tone- setter Amos Schocken.

  2. ME says:

    Ala the video segment, Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish.