Suicide isn’t an option

Sometimes I find myself writing about Palestinian demands and Israeli responses in connection with plans for a ‘peace agreement’ which will bring about a ‘two-state solution’. I’ll say “how dare they insist on this or that” or “any agreement must include… blah, blah”.

This is a waste of time. The ‘two-state solution’ exists only in the minds of those who do not understand the actual players in this game, or the mouths of  those (like the Swedes) who see it as a way to weaken Israel. No Palestinian with the power to influence a decision wants a peaceful two-state solution or an end to the conflict — what they want is to gain an advantage in the long-term struggle with Israel.

My head is spinning from the doubletalk of the Europeans or the Obama administration, for example, in which they give lip service to Israel’s security while demanding that Israel sacrifice it to escalating Arab demands, and the doubletalk from Israel in which its leaders pretend to believe that peace is possible while trying to avoid giving up too much for nothing.

So could we please forget about Oslo, the Roadmap and all of the forty-two quintillion ‘solutions’ that have been proposed, all of which are premised on the idea that the Palestinian Arabs want to end the conflict if we can just find terms that they would accept. They don’t.

Let’s start asking what Israel can do that will lead to a state with defensible borders with as few Arabs as possible within them. Let’s try to find policies that won’t pit the national-religious part of the population against the army and police. Let’s do our best to keep terrorist murderers out of circulation, in jail or dead. Let’s return to the position that one never, ever negotiates with terrorists. Let’s stop supplying Hamas with electricity and other needs. Let’s end the incitement and the subversion of the state by foreign-funded NGOs.

You get the idea. Israel is the state of the Jewish people, the only one. It’s past time that the Palestinian Arabs give up the idea that it belongs to them and that they are going to get it. The Arabs have 22 or so much larger states in the Middle East; let them take care of their people and leave Israel to the Jews.

Israel is not a smaller version of the politically-correct US. Priority one has to be the survival of Israel as a Jewish state. Everything else, including the human rights of Palestinians or Arab residents of Israel, must be a lower priority. Yes, you heard right.

Suicide isn’t an option.

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2 Responses to “Suicide isn’t an option”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    This is the most sensible prescription for a proper Israeli attitude towards the conflict that I have seen in a long time.

  2. Robman says:

    Absolutely agree. But how do we get this message out? Where are you going to see an editorial in a national-level newspaper like this? Where will you even see a talking head on a national news program on TV saying this? Does even Krauthammer have the guts to put things in these terms? If he did, do you think they’d let it air on TV? Even on FOX?

    THAT is the core problem, my friends. I don’t think Vic is such a lone voice in the wilderness. There are many of us – both Jews and Gentiles – who either already see this very clearly as he describes it, or at least are receptive to this point of view.

    The bad guys dominate Western academia and media institutions, the ‘organs of thought control’, if you will. Where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is concerned, I have never seen such extreme corruption/censorship on ANY issue, such dumb, nonsensical, uniformly WRONG coverage, like a bunch of drugged sheep, on this issue as what I see today. Even the sacred cow of global warming is now being openly questioned – at least on FOX – but do ANY major media outlets outside of Israel EVER mention the centrality of Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state to the intractibility of the conflict? IT JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN ANYMORE! WE ARE BEING MUZZLED!

    We have got to fight this, people, any way we can. If we don’t get our abundantly justifiable, common-sense point of view into the ‘marketplace of ideas’, if we can’t break the petrodollar stranglehold on what passes for ‘debate’ on this issue, we are doomed, and Israel will suffer the fate of 1970s Rhodesia. Turning this around has got to be our HIGHEST priority.