Shorts: Carlos, Hannah, Jewish state


So somebody made a 330-minute film about Ilich “Carlos the Jackal” Ramírez Sánchez.

Do you think this fat little dick is worth 5-1/2 hours? He killed and injured numerous innocents in support of the ‘Palestinian cause’, to settle grudges (he seems to have had one against France), for money, in the name of Marxism, and to make a name for himself. He was narcissistic, vain, sadistic, a Jew hater. Finally the French put him in jail for life.

That took about 20 seconds to read. I just saved you five hours, twenty-nine minutes, and 40 seconds.


Hannah Rosenthal is the Obama Administration’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.  Here’s what she had to say as a member of a panel at the Catholic University of America in Washington:

What we are seeing now is not just anti-immigrant sentiment with Muslims. Almost all immigrant communities in any country face integration challenges, but the experience of Muslims now is different because of 9/11. If for instance two immigrants could come from India to the US at the same time and in the same socio-economic status, one Hindu and one Muslim, no one would ever ask the Hindu to prove that he or she is a “moderate Hindu”. While deeply troubling and unfortunate – it is a reality. And I believe discrimination and prejudice need to be called out and condemned.

Yes, Americans are nervous about Muslims because of 9/11 (and numerous other things that I don’t need to list) which were done in the name of Islam. Apparently she noticed this.

So why is it ‘troubling and unfortunate’ that people aren’t equally nervous about Hindus, who, as far as I know, have not committed one single act of terrorism in the US?

I’d call it logical.


The (ridiculously long) Quote of the Week is from P. J. Crowley, US State Department spokesman, at a press briefing on Tuesday:

QUESTION: P.J., do you recognize Israel as a Jewish state and will you try to convince the Palestinians to recognize it?

MR. CROWLEY: We will continue our discussions with the parties. I would expect, following up on the Arab League meetings of late last week that George Mitchell will go to the region at some point. I’m not announcing anything, but I – it would be logical for us to follow up directly with the parties, see where they are. We will offer our ideas on – based on our conversations what our assessment is that – of what each side needs to be able to make the political commitment to remain in these direct negotiations.

QUESTION: And do you recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

MR. CROWLEY: We recognize the aspiration of the people of Israel. It has – it’s a democracy. In that democracy, there’s a guarantee of freedom and liberties to all of its citizens. But as the Secretary has said, we understand that – the special character of the state of Israel.

QUESTION: Is that a yes or no?

QUESTION: P.J., it’s – do you want to answer his question or —

QUESTION: Did you say yes or no to that question from Michel?


QUESTION: Michel’s question was a yes or no sort of question. I was wondering whether that was a yes or no.

MR. CROWLEY: We recognize that Israel is a– as it says itself, is a Jewish state, yes.

QUESTION: Did you say that you recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

MR. CROWLEY: I’m not making any news here. The President, the Secretary, and others have said this before.

QUESTION: Because Abbas said they recognize the state of Israel. Does the U.S. want the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

MR. CROWLEY: Look, I will be happy to go back over and offer some – I’m trying – I’m not making any news here. We have recognized the special nature of the Israeli state. It is a state for the Jewish people. It is a state for other citizens of other faiths as well. But this is the aspiration of the – what Prime Minister Netanyahu said yesterday is, in essence, the – a core demand of the Israeli Government, which we support, is a recognition that Israel is a part of the region, acceptance by the region of the existence of the state of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and that is what they want to see through this negotiation. We understand this aspiration and the prime minister was talking yesterday about the fact that just as they aspire to a state for the Jewish people in the Middle East, they understand the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a state of their own.

I think he said it, don’t you?

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One Response to “Shorts: Carlos, Hannah, Jewish state”

  1. Robman says:

    Not really. He set the stage for rationalizing a bi-national state. There is no reason, based on what he said, that Israel can’t be a “state for the Jews and a state for the Palestinians”.

    So, let’s say that’s how this winds up (G-d forbid). The Jews are the majority now, but how long would that last when the Gulf Arabs massively subsidize the transfer of literally millions of Palestinians into “Israeltine”?

    Saudi stooges, everybody…..Saudi stooges…….

    BUT, ok, let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that we can interpret what he said to really be supportive of Netanyahu’s position on this.

    Is this kind of like when Obama declared before AIPAC during the campaign that he supported an “undivided Jerusalem”? Or, for that matter, when Obama publicly committed himself to relying on public matching campaign funding, if McCain did the same, and when it looked like he’d make more money if he didn’t adhere to this, he promptly reneged?

    How much more evidence do we need that Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are serial liars?

    Netanyahu made the right move, the only honorable move he could make. Now he has to brace himself for the s***storm.

    My prediction:

    After the midterm elections, the Arab League will vote to refer the matter to the UN. Obama will back this. He will “wash his hands” of Israel; the “unbreakable bonds” will have been broken by Netanyahu’s intransigence, he will claim, and the Saudi-controlled media will back him up 100%.

    The UN will declare a Palestinian state for the whole of pre-67 J&S. War will break out; the Israelis cannot accept this. This will be the pretext for booting Israel out of the UN, and full pariah status for her will be in order. This will last until at least Janaury 2013, in the face of economic sanctions, embargoes, etc., all designed to destroy the ‘apartheid Jewish state’.

    Against all odds, I expect Israel to survive this. That’ because I’m not an atheist.

    But, even if she doesn’t, I still won’t be an atheist. I’ll presume that G-d’s message to us in all of this, if it turns out badly in a decisive way, is that this is our punishment for supporting Obama. In this instance, “our” being the Jews of the USA. This will be G-d’s way of saying:

    “So, you betrayed your brethren in your homeland, those who would guarantee your safety in the event of another Hitler, more Czars, and so on. Maybe you weren’t ready for a homeland yet after all. I guess abortion rights were more important to you than that. I guess not voting for someone you perceived as a “hick” or a “square” took precedence over the anchor of your survival. So, again, you can now wander around in the wilderness, vulnerable once more to every stripe of bully that comes along, for another two thousand years.”

    What an awful time this is. What a difference one election makes.