J Street co-founder lacks moral sense

Daniel Levy is one of the co-founders (with Jeremy Ben-Ami) of the phony pro-Israel organization J Street. He took part in a panel discussion called “The Future of Palestine: in Search of Alternatives,” which seems to have taken place this May in Doha, Qatar.

Following is a short (2 minute) video clip in which Levy says two notable things:

One is that the creation of Israel was an “act that was wrong”, although it was “excused” for Levy by “the way Jewish history was in 1948,” apparently a reference to the Holocaust. And he adds that “there is no reason for a Palestinian to think that there was justice in the creation of Israel.” This is perhaps reminiscent of Ahmadinejad’s comment that the Palestinian Arabs should not be made to suffer for the mistreatment of the Jews in Europe (although maybe it didn’t happen).

The other is that murderous Arab violence is normal, if ill-advised. “It’s a human reaction, when a foot is held to your throat, to respond violently,” says Levy. But “it’s not the most strategic thing to do always, it’s not the most effective thing.” Just like Mahmoud Abbas, who cannot bring himself to criticize the murder of Jewish children on any but practical grounds, Levy seems to be lacking in moral sense.

Watch the video and then decide if J Street — which, incidentally, denied that Levy had said what he said and provided a cropped video as proof (really) — can be called a pro-Israel organization.

And then ask yourself what Daniel Levy should be called.

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One Response to “J Street co-founder lacks moral sense”

  1. Robman says:

    Well, he may lack moral sense….but I bet he’s got a lot of Saudi dollars!

    Hmmm. This took place in Doha. Think I’m joking? Get real.

    Suppose Vic would be invited to Doha to present his point of view? Kinda doubt it.

    Let’s hear it for Daniel Levy, the Chief of the Jewish Ghetto Police!