The bad dogs

Here is something that appeared today on the Palestinian Media Watch site:

A clip broadcast seven times in three days on PA TV labeled Palestinian terrorists as “heroes” for having murdered six Israelis in two terror attacks. PA TV showed the clip to coincide with the anniversary celebrations of the Palestinian Arab Front (formerly Arab Liberation Front), the organization that carried out the attacks in 1975 and 1980.

The TV clip glorified the terror attacks by showing two pictures of the terrorists who committed the attacks, with captions that read, “The heroes of the Kfar Yuval operation” and, “The heroes of the Misgav Am operation.”

The attack on Kfar Yuval
On June 15, 1975, terrorists from the Arab Liberation Front penetrated the Israeli village Kfar Yuval near the Lebanese border. Four terrorists seized control of one of the homes and held its inhabitants hostage. Three Israelis were killed.

The attack on Misgav Am
On April 7, 1980, five terrorists from the Arab Liberation Front took control of the children’s house in Kibbutz Misgav Am in northern Israel, holding the children hostage. They killed two adults and one child [four other children were wounded — ed.] before they were subdued by the Israeli army.

I remember the Misgav Am attack quite well, since it occurred about a year after I moved to Israel. I lived on a kibbutz not unlike Misgav Am, and my son, who is 33 today and has two small children of his own, lived in a children’s house not unlike the one on Misgav Am. So the story made a big impresion on me.

This particular children’s house was a peuton, whose residents were perhaps two or three years old. An armed kibbutz member was present as night guard, a job that I had done numerous times. He was the first one killed.

I remember struggling through the Hebrew news accounts of the attack. What has stuck with me for thirty years was the way one of the surviving children described the incident: “The bad dogs barked.”

The Arab Liberation Front is now called the “Palestinian Arab Front” and is part of the PLO. The PA is the official incarnation of the PLO as a government, created by the Oslo Accords.

You can learn a lot about people by looking at their heroes.

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One Response to “The bad dogs”

  1. NormanF says:

    Which tells us how much they want peace with Israel. And while they praise the murderers of Jews, Israel is expected to ignore anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incitement and just give them a state.

    Go figure.