US angry at Netanyahu for being a Zionist

We are really going to get it after the election, leaks the administration:

Behind the scenes, the Obama administration is still absorbing the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to date rejected a proposed American compromise package that would have offered various security and other assurances to Israel in exchange for a 60-day renewal of a partial West Bank settlement freeze that expired last month.

The American team is said to be frustrated and upset at Netanyahu’s dismissal to date of the package, which was drafted by the NSC’s Dennis Ross in close consultation with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Israeli negotiator Yitzhak Molho…

“’We put our asses on the line,’” the sense of dismay among the U.S. Middle East team at Netanyahu’s rejection of the U.S. package was described. “’We worked with your defense minister and gave you this amazing deal, all the cover you needed to extend the freeze. And you not only rejected it, but put forward a counterproposal [demanding Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state] pandering to the right and a stalling tactic.’” — Laura Rozen, Politico

In other words, the ‘team’ is furious that Israel did not accept its package of bribes and promises (here is a sympathetic assessment that details the offer) in return for not insisting that the Palestinian Authority (PA) affirm that an agreement with them is more than a stepping-stone to the replacement of Israel by an Arab state.

Indeed, the ‘team’ views the idea that Israel is the state of the Jewish people as a right-wing idea — when in truth it is Israel’s reason for being. This is like saying that the ideal of individual freedom in the US is a ‘right-wing’ idea!

On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was established as  “a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel”, and it was immediately recognized by the US. The Palestinian Arabs, who had been at war with the pre-state Jewish settlement for some time, of course refused to accept this. For 62 years they have continued to fight against what they see as ‘occupation’ of ‘their’ land.

The so-called ‘peace process’ is supposed to end this conflict by means of yet another partition of the area of the League of Nations Mandate (the first partition occurred in 1922 when Britain gave 70% of the land to Abdullah, the great-grandfather of the present King Abdullah of Jordan, for an Arab state).

But the conflict will not be ended simply by creating another Arab state if that state and the rest of the world continue to insist that the Jewish state of Israel is illegitimate.

The Obama administration doesn’t put a high priority on ending the conflict. Their immediate objective is the creation of ‘Palestine’, and they will worry about what happens afterward — afterward. They would hate the comparison, but a previous administration made a similar error when it decided to overthrow Saddam Hussein first and worry about the aftermath later.

So now they’re mad at Netanyahu for being a Zionist — how inconvenient — and will need to find some other way to create ‘Palestine’. The leakers continue,

No new plan B is likely to emerge before the November mid-terms. One possibility being mulled — but not decided on – is the administration eventually putting forward American ideas for the basis of an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement.

In a meeting last week, high level U.S. State Department and NSC officials were asked what’s to stop Netanyahu saying no to such a plan. The answer the officials gave was there are ways to put things forward that he can’t say no to.

Some analysts also see a possibility that Netanyahu might be pushed to consider eventually bringing opposition Kadima leader Tzipi Livni into his governing coalition if he wants to move forward on the peace track. Quiet feelers and conversations have been described taking place.

In other words, the US will dictate terms and force Netanyahu to accept them (if Rahm Emanuel were still there, he could send Bibi a dead fish). Note that despite the fact that the US provides a large part of the subsidy that keeps the PA alive, it is unable or unwilling to pressure it to accept Netanyahu’s condition for extending the freeze — otherwise it would have done that already.

Another option will be to force regime change in Israel, to gain a more cooperative government. This seems to be based on the assumption that the only reason Netanyahu insists on recognition is that he is afraid of the right-wing members of his coalition. I doubt this.

If the sources quoted here really represent the thinking of the administration (and we’ll soon find out), then there is a message for every country that considers itself an ally of the US:

These guys don’t have allies, they have satellites.

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3 Responses to “US angry at Netanyahu for being a Zionist”

  1. NormanF says:

    Israel should continue to say “no”. After the elections next month, Obama will be cut down as he should be, to size.

  2. Shalom Freedman says:

    It may well be that the real aim of the Obama Administration is as is suggested here the creation of a Palestinian Arab state, peace or no peace. It appears that there is going to be great pressure in that direction in the year ahead.
    We are going to be in a truly difficult situation, if our one true friend proves to not be a friend at all.

  3. Robman says:

    Yes Shalom, you have it right.

    OK, at the state level, Obama is not your friend. Never was, never will be. Plainly put, he is your enemy.

    The American people – at least about 60% of them anyway, despite the best efforts of the Saudi Israel-bashing propaganda machine that dominates virtually all media – are your friends. Most of Congress is your friend. But they don’t make policy. In the near term, the mid-term elections don’t matter at all. Especially in the three months between the election and when the new congress is sworn in.

    To say that we are going to “get it” after the elections is a gross understatement.

    Obama is going to put an ultimatum to Bibi: accept American proposals (Saudi peace plan minus right of return, maybe), or it gets referred to the UN.

    The UN will support a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state per Saudi peace plan. The U.S. under Obama will do nothing to stop this, maybe even actively support it.

    If the Israelis don’t immediately comply – i.e., evacuate all Jews east of the Green line forthwith – then the Palestinians with their U.S.-trained and equippped “Dayton’s Army” will have the green light to attack the “settlements”, as these represent the “occupation”.

    The IDF will be forced to intervene, and CNN will be there (along with all other media). The IDF will crush the PA in a bloody fight all around. Of course, the dead Jews that provoke this won’t make the news, but the dead Palis will. You thought the international hue and cry over the flotilla raid last May was a big deal? That was just a light warm-up. The media is locked and cocked, primed, ready to go on Riyadh’s orders.

    Israel will be booted out of the UN. The EU will slap on a full trade embargo. The effort to politically and economically strangle the Jewish state will begin in earnest. And here in the U.S., the lame duck Democratic Congress will barely wimper. The media coverage will be so fierce that it will take even a brave Republican to stand up against this outrage.

    It may not end there, of course. Israel’s other enemies – Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas – smelling blood, may attack as well, knowing that Israel now gets no outside support.

    Big, big mistake.

    A cornered Israel with nothing to lose is the most dangerous and deadly Israel.

    The bad guys will get the worst of it by far, just like in ’67. Israel will definintely get a severe economic beating that will drag on for several years, until Obama is booted out (if he isn’t impeached first for other reasons, some of which are tangentially related…LIKE BEING A SAUDI STOOGE), plus recovery time under Obama’s successor.

    Guys like me – and Vic – here in the U.S., who’ve taken very outspoken public stands all along in favor of Israel, will be under physical threat. JCCs will be attacked. Jews will be targeted like never before. Obama will publicly complain, but the authorities will do little.

    Vic, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if your website suddenly, mysteriously becomes “inoperative” when the doo-doo hits the air-conditioning apparatus. Mine, too.

    We’ll get through it. The bad guys will make mistakes, much will backfire, there can be some interesting surprises that may come along in all of this.

    The Jewish G-d won’t let us down….unless He’s sore over Diaspora Jews here supporting Obama, and that’s our collective punishment.

    What will be, will be.

    Keep fighting.