Let’s give these people a state, part II

Asher Palmer and son Yonatan -- murdered by Arab terrorists

Asher Palmer and son Yonatan -- murdered by Arab terrorists

One year ago, I stood at this podium and I called for an independent Palestine.  I believed then, and I believe now, that the Palestinian people deserve a state of their own.Barack Obama, UN General Assembly, 21 September 2011

News item:

Israel Police Chief Yochanan Danino has confirmed that the victims of a tragic car crash Friday were murdered by terrorists, Channel 2 television reported Sunday afternoon. Previously, police stated that the crash was caused by driver error and was definitely not the result of an attack.

The dramatic change in approach followed a meeting Saturday night on autopsy findings in the deaths of the two victims, 25-year-old Asher Palmer and his infant son Yehonatan.

Arutz Sheva has obtained a document detailing findings from the scene of the crash. Among the evidence that at first failed, for unknown reasons, to convince police that terrorists may have been involved: a hole in the front windshield of the car, a massive rock found in the front seat with human blood on it, a tear in fabric of the steeling wheel cover and dust indicating a blow from the rock, and damage to Asher Palmer’s face suggesting an impact unrelated to the crash.

The autopsy and a CT scan of Asher Palmer’s face showed evidence of facial fractures caused by a rock.


Every single day, hundreds of rocks, blocks, stones, etc. are thrown at Jewish vehicles in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Arab towns or neighborhoods inside the Green Line. Sometime photographers are informed in advance that there will be exciting opportunities to view the heroic resistance to occupation. Throwing ‘stones’ (sometimes as big as a person’s head) is what Palestinian Arab adolescents do for entertainment. Even the great Columbia University ‘scholar’ Edward Said symbolically threw a stone across the Lebanese border at Israeli soldiers.

Let’s give them a state!

Update [9 Oct 0804 PDT]: The murderers have been arrested.

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2 Responses to “Let’s give these people a state, part II”

  1. joelsk44039 says:

    If there ever were a “people” less deserving of a state, it is the so-called “Palestinian Arabs.” Their entire society is sociopathic and based on lies. When will the rest of the world wake up and face up to this fact?

  2. Robman says:

    By the way, so far as I am aware, this got NO press coverage outside of Israel.

    Which is part of the answer to the question posed above. The reason no one is “waking up” to this fact is the billions Gulf Arabs and other assorted Moslem entities have poured into academia and the media for several decades running. They are making damn sure that no one is going to “face up to this fact”. A lot of people tune out the media anyway, particularly in the U.S. and Canada, but again, the Israeli point of view, for the most part, is not going to make it to any major news organ.

    Anymore, the only news venue with national reach today that gives Israel a fair shake is the Christian Broadcasting Network.. That is it. FOX is not as shrill as the others, but they can be as bad as Al Jazeera at times, though once in a while, they throw Israel a bread crust. The WSJ is pretty good for Israel on the editorial page, but the straight news coverage might as well be the BBC. And all the rest are simply terrible. Even if their ratings are bad – and most of them are – it doesn’t matter to them. They keep Christiaan Arabwhore on ABC even though no on likes her. It is as plain as day that the media is completely, totally corrupt.