NIF leader: disappearance of Jewish state no tragedy

This is stunning.

Actually, it’s completely expected, not surprising at all. It’s like your spouse admitting to having an affair. You knew it all along but hearing from her own lips is … stunning.

Last year, the US Embassy in Tel Aviv interviewed a number of people in connection with a law being considered by the Knesset to require transparency in non-governmental organization (NGO) funding.

It had become common knowledge that huge amounts of money from such sources as European governments and the New Israel Fund (NIF) in the US were flowing to ‘Israeli’ NGOs — primarily left-wing organizations — which were acting against the interests of the State of Israel. A particularly egregious example was the way a group of these NGOs provided almost all of the anti-IDF material in the UN’s vicious blood libel, the Goldstone Report.

Ambassador James B. Cunningham reported on the interviews in a cable sent to the State Department on February 25, 2010, now made public by Wikileaks. The cable includes an explanation by Dr. Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor (a source I’ve quoted often) of why the legislation, based on the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is needed.

You should read that, but let’s cut to the chase. Ambassador Cunningham’s cable included this:

New Israel Fund (NIF) [former] Associate Director in Israel Hedva Radovanitz, who manages grants to 350 NGOs totaling about 18 million dollars per year, told PolOff [political officer] on February 23 that the campaign against the NGOs was due to the “disappearance of the political left wing” in Israel and the lack of domestic constituency for the NGOs. She noted that when she headed ACRI’s [Association for Civil Rights in Israel] Tel Aviv office, ACRI had 5,000 members, while today it has less than 800, and it was only able to muster about 5,000 people to its December human rights march by relying on the active staff of the 120 NGOs that participated. Radovanitz commented that the NIF was working behind the scenes through many NGOs to prevent the NGO legislation from passing in its current form. She commented that she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.

Could we roll the tape back, please:

She commented that she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.

I would like all of my friends here in America who contribute to the NIF because they would like Israel to become “more democratic” to please read that again, and think about it.

Think about the sacrifices made by leftists and rightists alike to create a Jewish state of Israel. How many died unable to reach the land of Israel, how many suffered or died in the wars to create the state and protect it, how many struggled in poverty to build the state in an inhospitable land surrounded by hostile neighbors. The one, single, tiny Jewish state in the world. The one place a Jew is always welcome.

And this woman believes that a Jewish state can’t be democratic enough? That 22 Arab states in the Middle East aren’t enough, there should be 23? That the ‘Palestinian people’ have a right to realize their national aspirations but the Jewish people do not? That everything that the Jewish people created at such great cost in their historic homeland should be dismantled and the Jews sent out to wander the world, living or dying by the whims of ‘real’ nations?

Don’t kid yourself — that is what she (and the NIF) are working toward. Perhaps they imagine that Jews and Arabs could live together in peace, in the new, more democratic, Arab-majority state they want to create. Just look around in the Middle East if you  believe this.

Do not support the NIF of Hedva Radovanitz. Israel is a democracy, although it is not a democracy just like the US. There is a reason that the Israeli Left is disappearing, and that is because Israelis have learned by hard experience — from Gaza, for one example — that concessions and withdrawals do not bring peace.

Live in Israel or support it in the diaspora, but do not help those who want to destroy it.

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2 Responses to “NIF leader: disappearance of Jewish state no tragedy”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The New Israel Fund supports enemies of Israel, and any self- respecting Jew should not give it a ‘grush’.

  2. Lise Rosenthal says:

    Because the 22 Muslim states are all so democratic???