Mein Name ist Hase…

A Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine

A Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine

I’ll explain the title of this post at the end.

News item:

BERLIN – Germany’s multi-billion euro bilateral trade relationship with Iran continues unabated, even as evidence mounts that the Islamic Republic is determined to build a nuclear weapons capability.

The Jerusalem Post has obtained an uncensored list from late 2011, showing hundreds of German and Iranian enterprises in a flourishing trade relationship.

This is despite Iran’s construction of Fordow, a medium-level uranium enrichment facility buried into the side of a mountain near Qom, and the fact that the German equipment could be used to build more underground nuclear facilities.

Some businesses have asked that their names be removed from the list to avoid damage to their reputations.

One company named is Baden-Württemberg-based engineering giant Herrenknecht AG, which appears to be delivering heavy tunneling equipment to Iran – some of which is promoted as having the capability of “drilling down to depths of 6,000 meters.”

In response to Post inquiries, an unidentified representative of the company wrote via email on Friday that it has “comprehensively ensured that Herrenknecht excavation engineering and services solely reach projects which clearly pursue civil applications [metro tunnel construction, sewage pipes and water supply lines].”

Oh, of course they have! And what exactly will they do when the Iranians use their machinery for something else? File a complaint?

Kind of stupid, when you realize that Baden-Württemberg is about 1850 miles from Iranian territory, which is, or soon will be, within range of Iranian missiles.

So what about the title of this post? There is a German expression, “Mein Name ist Hase, ich weiß von nichts,” which literally means “My name is Hare [or Rabbit] and I don’t know anything,” that is,  “don’t ask me, I don’t know.” (The expression dates back to the 19th century, and it relates to someone named Von Hase, not a rabbit). Anyway, it’s said that Germans captured at the end of WWII often used this expression when questioned about extermination camps or other Nazi atrocities.

But today’s ‘rabbits’ are not fooling anyone. I think that Herrenknecht and others know exactly why Iran wants this equipment, and they are therefore guilty of helping Iran achieve nuclear weapons.

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2 Responses to “Mein Name ist Hase…”

  1. levari says:

    ‘run, rabbit, run / dig your hole beneath the sun / and when at last your work is done / don’t look now, it’s time to dig another one.’

    i know how you hate having lyrics quoted, but this is appropo. can’t trust a german. who knew?

  2. Robman says:


    Those lyrics are from Pink Floyd. Listened to them a lot during my teenage days in the 70s (for you younger readers, “That 70s Show” sitcom is EXTREMELY realistic, no fooling). Totally out of context here; kind of spoke to the mindless workaday “rat race”. What this has to do with Iran and a nuclear war in SW Asia, haven’t a clue.

    At any rate, I am hoping against hope Israel takes action already. I don’t know what is holding them back. I hope it isn’t some idea that the U.S. is going to do the job, ‘cuz Obama surely won’t. And Romney? Even if he is elected, is there that much time? Does he have the guts? Maybe, but – assuming there is still time left if/when he takes office – I sure wouldn’t count on it.

    That clock keeps ticking.