Quote of the week: Rand Paul

Yes, he said this.

The question is — was it a metaphor, or was it intended literally?

Here it is, from a Buzzfeed article which suggests that he should be taken very seriously as a politician:

Paul also finds plenty to dislike in his own party’s approach to beating the war drum — particularly the theological overtones of the Bush years. In a strikingly candid speech last year at the Value Voters Summit, Paul, a Presbyterian, cited his religious beliefs while declaring, “I’m not a pacifist. But I do think it unacceptable not to hate war.”

He elaborated to BuzzFeed: “I think some within the Christian community are such great defenders of the promised land and the chosen people that they think war is always the answer, maybe even preemptive war. And I think it’s hard to square the idea of a preemptive war and, to me, that overeagerness [to go to] war, with Christianity.”

I’m hoping for a clarification.

Easy fast, everyone!

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One Response to “Quote of the week: Rand Paul”

  1. Robman says:

    I was hoping that just because Rand Paul is his lunatic anti-Semite racist father’s son, maybe he himself would not be an anti-Semite knee-jerk Israel basher.

    After all, JFK – along with the rest of this brothers who attained high political office, Ted and Bobby – was very pro-Israel. This, even though their father, Joe Kennedy, was a rabid anti-Semite and an admirer of Hitler.

    Also, whatever Bush the Younger’s other faults may have been, I am convinced that anti-Semitism was not one of them. He wasn’t perfect, but I don’t think it is unjustfied to consider Bush the Younger to have been the most pro-Israel president since Nixon. This, even though his father was widely regarded as the most anti-Israel president until Obama, and whether or not that was true, from comments he made, it was clear that he was an anti-Semite.

    Alas, Rand has not fallen very far from the tree. To me, this comment is crystal clear as an indictment of anyone who favors a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. That is the clear reference. I think even a barnyard animal can see that.

    Perhaps this issue will be decided before the 2016 election in any event. I imagne by then, one way or the other, it will be.

    But it is becoming obvious that Rand is “Ron lite”, and even that will taste pretty bad if it gets in office.

    If either he, or Chris Christie, gets the GOP nomination in ’16, I’m either voting third party or I’m staying home.

    I don’t think Rand will get the nomination, however. I could be wrong, but his dad is still alive and kicking, and will continue to be an embarassment to his son.

    Anyway, that is a while off. These next two years are going to be the decisive years for Israel.

    Vic, I recall you predicting two years ago that when the Palis were going to go to the UN to apply for statehood, that would touch off a chain of events that would lead to, as you described it, Israel’s “second war of independence”. I shared your beliefs at that time.

    It didn’t come to pass then. But we are probably staring this in the face as a near certainty in the next two years. Or less.

    Have an easy fast, everyone.