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Inside Sarko and Brako

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
Sarkozy and Obama at the G20 Summit.

Sarkozy and Obama at the G20 Summit.

“I’m sick of him,” says Sarkozy. “He’s a liar.”

“You’re sick? I have to work with him every day,”  replies Obama.

Ah, the joy of an open microphone! But what’s new here? We know they don’t like Netanyahu. Here they have important things to worry about, things like the world economy falling apart and, for Obama, an election looming. And those pesky Yids just refuse to bend over to be f***ed by the Palestinian Arabs. Not only that, but their shitty little country‘s economy is doing just fine!

And on top of that they keep threatening to bomb Iran! As if someone who threatens to wipe you out and has nuclear weapons might really mean it! Jewish paranoia!

Yes, the Jews are our misfortune, they think. There are all those Nobel prizes and almost daily announcements of medical breakthroughs from Israel, but after all, the Palestinians deserve a state. We don’t owe the Jews anything — didn’t we save them from the Holocaust?

Oh — we didn’t? Well, but we helped them win their independence…er, didn’t we? No? Well, we — the US at least — give them huge amounts of aid, which of course must be spent on US-made weapons, so they can defend themselves, as long as no Arabs get hurt in the process. Doesn’t that count for something?


Obama is pained by the fact that he has to work with the Israeli Prime Minister every day. Excuse me, Isn’t Israel is a sovereign state? Does it need daily guidance on managing its affairs? Does Bibi have to phone Obama every morning for instructions?

Sarkozy thinks Bibi is a liar. After all, he tells him that he has to stop building in ‘Arab East Jerusalem’ and Bibi responds that it is the capital of the Jewish state. Liar!  But France had previously let it be known that it would vote against admitting the non-state of ‘Palestine’ to UNESCO, and then voted for it. Who’s lying now?

And why does Sarkozy think ‘Palestine’ belongs in UNESCO?

France explained that it believed that Palestine had the right to become a member of UNESCO, “whose vocation is to work towards generalizing a culture of peace within the international community,” according to a news release from the French Consulate in Jerusalem. — NY Times

A culture of peace!” Who would know better about that than the Palestinian Arabs! They are specialists in peace, having popularized airline hijacking, hostage killing, murder of schoolchildren and suicide bombing for ‘peace’ (not that the record of UNESCO has been so great even without ‘Palestine’).

Here’s what I think: Sarkozy and Obama should learn that the Jewish state actually represents the best of Western culture, stop hassling Netanyahu about building in his capital city, treat him with dignity, and support Israel in its struggle to survive against the barbaric forces that want to destroy it.

And if the interests of Israel are not important to them, how about the results for Europe and the US if Iran succeeds in its project to dominate the Middle East?

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The daily terror

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
A nine-foot long Grad rocket from Gaza flies toward an Israeli city

A nine-foot long Grad rocket from Gaza flies toward an Israeli city

I’ve seen films of London during the WWII rocket attacks, in which the V1 ‘buzz bombs’ flew across the sky. When the buzzing of the pulse-jet engine stopped, the people below knew that the bomb was about to fall, perhaps on them. It must have been terrifying.

Israelis today are experiencing exactly this terror. Here is a short account of what it is like, by Hagit Riterman, published in the Israeli newspaper makor rishon on November 4. My thanks to the Daily Alert for the English translation.

Suddenly You See a Rocket Flying Toward You

600,000 Israelis live in the Beersheba metropolitan area. Last Monday evening I was driving into Beersheba, listening to a song on the radio. Through the window I noticed a young girl running fast and looking scared, not sure where she was going. Suddenly I saw that all the cars ahead of me had stopped in the middle of the street. Their occupants were getting out and running. I understood – the air raid sirens.

I ran with the others to take shelter between two buildings. There were women there hugging the concrete walls. Some were crouched down, and one was shaking. Other sat on the ground. Then someone shouted, “Look up!” and I saw them in the sky. Two bright lights, like balls of fire with tails, almost white, flying in an arch in the sky, coming from afar. I thought they were about to land next to us, but the Grad rockets continued to fly and passed over our heads.

We heard explosions and later learned that the Iron Dome missile defense system succeeded in shooting down the two rockets that were aimed at the center of the city. When I saw the two rockets flying in the air, heading towards us, seconds before they passed overhead, I understood so well the fear that people here are now living with. We’re not soldiers in wartime, we’re the civilian population. And in the middle of an ordinary day, during a routine drive down the street, suddenly you see a rocket flying in your direction.

Nazi Germany was a formidable opponent with a massive war machine. It would take the most powerful nations on earth several years to finally put an end to the regime. But Hamas and the other terrorist factions, with their Nazi-like ideologies, are nothing. Israel could crush them like cockroaches.

So why do Israelis have to put up with the daily terror from Gaza?

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Anonymous lunacy

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
Logo of the "anonymous" hackers. Do their mothers know what they're doing instead of their school homework?

Logo of the "anonymous" hackers. Do their mothers know what they're doing instead of their school homework?

Yesterday I wrote about an interview with Italian MP and journalist Fiamma Nirenstein, who referred to the widespread support in the UN for Palestinian statehood as “lunacy.” But the UN is just one place where this disorder prevails. Anti-Israel lunacy is most pronounced on the Left, both in the high reaches of academia and among the poorly educated activists in our streets and apparently at their computer keyboards.

Several Israeli government websites were down Sunday, including the public sites of the IDF, Shabak and Mossad, after a public threat from the hacker group “Anonymous” to attack Israeli sites in retaliation for the interception of last week’s attempt to break the blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Despite the claims of the group, there is no reason to doubt the Israeli officials who say that the outage was a result of a hardware problem in the data center in which these sites are hosted.

The self-styled “hacktivists” accused Israel of ‘piracy on the high seas’ and claim that Israel’s actions were

illegal, against democracy, human rights, and international and maritime laws. Justifying war, murder, illegal interception and pirate-like activities under an illegal cover of defense will not go unnoticed by us or the people of the world. We do not tolerate this repeated offensive behavior against unarmed civilians…

video statement by “Anonymous” (my transcription)

The absurdly pompous video ignores the fact that even the UN’s own commission investigating the 2010 seizure of the Mavi Marmara declared that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is legal, and that a blockade-running ship may be boarded in international waters. It tells us that the seizure took place at “exactly 5:59 Gaza time,” as if this is relevant, in order to create an aura of seriousness.

Despite its appeal to international law, it insists that ‘Palestine’ is a “sovereign nation” (it is not) and accuses Israel of acts of war against it. Naturally it doesn’t mention Hamas’ rocket fire on Israeli civilians. “We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us!” the video concludes in its  now-familiar signoff.

This is beyond stupid. It seems to me to be more or less on the level of something that a mediocre high school student might do. Unfortunately, in today’s world even a mediocre student can become a dangerous Internet vandal if he has access to networks of compromised computers that can mount DDoS attacks (explanation here, and much more than you wanted to know here).

The ‘lunacy’ part is that while these ‘activists’, both the ones on the boats and the ones behind their keyboards, claim to be acting in the name of  democracy, human rights, peace, justice, freedom, and so on, they are in practice supporting the Hamas, which is undemocratic, tramples on human rights (of women, Jews, Christians, homosexuals, etc.), is presently making war against Israel and whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of its people.

But hey, who cares about the real world?

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The Jews are the reason

Monday, November 7th, 2011
Fiamma Nirenstein

Fiamma Nirenstein

Israel Hayom published a great interview today with Italian journalist and MP Fiamma Nirenstein. Here is a snippet (but read it all):

And yet, we can ask why it is that when facing a unilateral declaration, the world is prepared to support a Palestinian state? As this is lunacy. First, a Palestinian state cannot exist, divided as it would be between Hamas and the PLO. They have nothing in common, neither institutions nor an economy. So only violence can result from such an unrealizable expectation. Second, what could be the nature of a Palestinian state? On the basis of our knowledge until now – a state where women are inferior; extremist Islam prevails and perhaps wins the next elections; homosexuals are persecuted, as well as regime dissidents. In this case, why has it gained such widespread support around the world, particularly in the western world?

The Jews are the reason. The Palestinians’ raison d’être is not a positive aspiration to establish a state, but a negative one, to destroy the Jewish state. This apparently suits the cultural and political agenda of the world’s Left. [my emphasis]

Indeed. It often strikes me that it is impossible that all of the EU politicians, President Obama and his advisers, the journalists who write about the Middle East (Nirenstein says that Thomas Friedman “…is constantly wrong. He no longer has eyes to see”), the human rights industry, all of them, can be simply naive or stupid.

In the case of the politicians, even if they are naive or stupid — Obama has shown over and over that he doesn’t understand the Mideast — they are surrounded by ‘experts’ who should know better.

I’ve stopped wasting time analyzing and over-analyzing the reasons for this phenomenon. Arab money, Muslim populations in Europe, oil companies, fashionable academic theories, the brilliance of presenting the effort to destroy Israel as a movement of national liberation, on and on. All of these factors may be relevant to some extent, but none of them can explain the way so much of the Western world holds a position that is flat out counterfactual.

Nirenstein is correct: the Jews are the reason.

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Dr. James Petras, yet another antisemitic professor

Sunday, November 6th, 2011
Yet another academic antisemite, Dr. James Petras

Yet another academic antisemite, Dr. James Petras

Ever since this article by Jeffrey Goldberg, a controversy has raged about John Mearsheimer’s jacket blurb for the viciously antisemitic book “The Wandering Who?” by the vicious antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

Clearly, I am taking sides in the ridiculous debate, which, unfortunately, serves to promote the works of Atzmon and Mearsheimer. If you think that perhaps there is a way to defend Mearsheimer (Atzmon is far beyond defense), Alan Dershowitz cleans his clock here. Even Mearsheimer’s fans have trouble swallowing this.

I’m not going to repeat quotations from Atzmon’s book or attack Mearsheimer; the articles linked above do it more than adequately. I want to talk about one of Atzmon’s other supporters. Dershowitz mentions him in passing:

James Petras, Bartle Professor of Sociology Emeritus at Binghamton University, called The Wandering Who? “a series of brilliant illuminations” and praised Atzmon’s “courage.”

Petras is a Marxist anti-Zionist who holds the most extreme anti-Israel positions. He also is a “Jewish (or Zionist) conspiracy” theorist of the highest order. His anti-Zionist extremism crosses the line into antisemitism, and his writing explicitly evokes traditional antisemitic themes, such as Jewish control of the US government and media and the disloyalty of Jewish Americans, as well as the distortion of Jewish religious concepts like ‘the chosen people’ and matrilinial descent for antisemitic purposes.

Petras is very prolific and I can only scratch the surface in a blog post. I’m sure a diligent search (which would need to be followed by a good hot shower) would expose even more ugliness.

Petras does not deny the Holocaust like Atzmon — he just thinks that it has been cynically exploited for financial and political purposes. In a 2006 article (“Modernity and Twentieth Century Holocausts: Empire-Building and Mass Murder“), Petras argues that

The claims by mainly, but not exclusively, Jewish scholars of the ‘uniqueness’ of the Jewish-Nazi victims flies in the face of vast historical data and in fact serves as a justification for continued large-scale monetary compensation (1) and for the exercise of colonial expansion in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East, using the same techniques as were practiced by their Nazi oppressors (practices of collective guilt, racially based legislation, legalized mass torture, and ethnic cleansing).

His argument appears to claim that writers about the Holocaust do not take into account other genocides and racially-based mass murders, and he provides a list of such. Of course whether or not the Holocaust was ‘unique’ in some sense is irrelevant to the question of whether its survivors deserve compensation. And the Holocaust is not used as a justification for the creation of the state of Israel, which anyway was not a case of ‘colonial expansion’ and does not use Nazi techniques. I am not sure why the fact that some scholars of the Holocaust have been Jewish needs to be mentioned here, either.

He continues, mixing vicious ahistorical slanders against Israel with traditional antisemitic interpretations of Judaic concepts, in order to support his view that Israel is a Nazi-like state:

The Israeli-Palestinian Holocaust (IPH) has all the substantive features of previously mentioned holocausts: long-term, large-scale use of state terror; dispossession of over 4 million Palestinians; forcing over 3 millions Palestinians in ghettos; racial ethnic segregation and separation in all spheres of justice, property ownership, transportation and geographical movement; citizen rights based on ‘blood ties’ (maternal lineage); legalized and quasi-legalized torture and systematic use of collective punishment; a highly militarized society given to perpetual military assaults on neighboring Palestinian communities and other Arab states; unilateral extra-territorial, extra-judicial assassinations; chronic and systematic rejection of international law; an ideology of permanent warfare and international paranoia (‘anti-Semitism’ is everywhere) and an ideology of ethnic superiority (the Chosen People’) .

Petras thinks that ‘Zionists’ in the US constitute a disloyal fifth column which is responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our economic crisis. In a 2010 article called “War with China?“, Petras wrote:

…In contrast to the disloyal role of ZPC [Zionist Power Configuration; viz. this article] which serves as a political-military instrument of Israel, the Chinese Diaspora serves as an economic ally of he Chinese state.  Overseas Chinese facilitate market opportunities for mainland business groups, engage in joint ventures inside and outside of China, but do not shape the foreign policy of the state in which they reside.  The Chinese Diaspora do not act as a “fifth column” against the national interest of their countries of residence, unlike American Zionists whose mass organization put all of their efforts into the singular goal of subordinating US policy to maximize Israel’s colonial policies.

…by the beginning of the new millennium all the political, military and ideological pieces were in place for the launching of a series of imperial-zionist driven wars, which would further sap the US economy, profoundly deepen its budget and trade deficits and open the way for the rise of new dynamic economic-market driven empires…

Under the direction of a highly militarized elite, including influential Zionist policymakers, Washington has moved inextricably into multi—trillion dollar wars of colonial occupation in the Middle East and South Asia, under the mistaken assumption that “shows of strength” will intimidate nationalist and independent states and buttress the US economic presence.  On the contrary, the wars have decreased US influence, increased local nationalist and pan-Moslem rejection especially in light of Zionized Washington’s unconditional backing of Israeli colonialism.  More than any other move to bolster the empire, the prolonged colonial wars have massively mis-directed economic resources which, theoretically, could have revitalized the US global economic presence and increased its competitive position via China, into non-productive military expenditures…

The US unconditional embrace of the racist colonial militarist state of Israel as its principal ally in buttering [sic] colonial wars in the Middle East, has in fact had the opposite effect:  alienating 1.5 billion Islamic peoples, eroding support among former allies (Turkey and Lebanon) and strengthening Zionists policy influentials advocating a ‘third military front’ – a war with Iran, with its two million person armed forces…

Over the long run, something will have to break; militarism and Zionist power will so bleed and isolate the United States that necessity will induce a forceful response

This last threat could be straight from a speech by Herr Hitler, couldn’t it?

In case any more evidence is needed that Petras is a Jewish-conspiracy theorist, here is a quotation from a 2002 article (“Israel and the U.S.: A unique relationship“):

…it is the lesser regional power which exacts a tribute from the Empire, a seeming unique or paradoxical outcome. The explanation for this paradox is found in the powerful and influential role of pro-Israeli Jews in strategic sectors of the U.S. economy, political parties, Congress and Executive Branch. The closest equivalent to past empires is that of influential white settlers in the colonies, who through their overseas linkages were able to secure subsidies and special trading relations.

The Israeli “colons” in the U.S. have invested and donated billions of dollars to Israel, in some cases diverting funds from union dues of low paid workers to purchase Israel bonds used to finance new colonial settlements in the occupied territories. In other cases Jewish fugitives from the U.S. justice system have been protected by the Israeli state, especially super rich financial swindlers like Mark [sic] Rich and even gangsters and murderers. Occasional official demands of extradition from the U.S. Justice Department have been pointedly ignored.

The colonized Empire has gone out of its way to cover up its subservience to its supposed ally, but in fact hegemonic power.

What makes all this possible? Why, the Jewish control of the media, of course. In a 2008 interview, he says,

…it’s one of the great tragedies that we have a minority that represents less than 2% of North American’s population but has such power in the communications media

…it’s not just economic [power], they’re organized, they’re present in all the communications media, they’re well situated in Congress, they have officials in the presidency, in the Executive branch; it’s not simply a matter of Jewish millionaires but that it’s all configured in important posts in the media, in the Congress, in the Executive branch, in all local governments, towns, dentists, doctors, lawyers, professionals, academics, all united in a crusade, all for Israel. When Israel says “we’re going to attack Iran,” these activists, respectable Jews, are the first to support it. Not all, because there are plenty of Jews who aren’t interested in Israel nor the politics of the communal organizations, but those who are active and present have definitely taken the most bellicose positions. They support a government that tortures and imprisons thousands of Palestinians.

I’m reminded when the Jews speak of the complicity of the Germans, what are they themselves if not complicit with the great and savage crimes of the State of Israel? What difference is there between German complicity and that of the professors and doctors?

Whew. Even a Zionist conspirator like me wasn’t aware of the power of Jewish dentists (possibly because most of the dentists in Fresno are Armenian).

There’s one thing that one should ask and that is why the North American public doesn’t react against the manipulations of this minority. It’s because the Jews control the communications media and present Obama’s speeches in favor of Jerusalem and Israel as though they were something normal, just another speech. And there’s no commentary when Israel says that it’s going to hurl bombs at Iran. No editorial whatsoever criticizing Israel.

No editorial criticizing Israel? Does he read the NY Times, TIME Magazine, or any of the editorials masquerading  as news stories written by the AP? Does he listen to NPR or watch CNN? He certainly must listen to the Pacifica network (after all, he got his doctorate at Berkeley)! How did he miss all this?

You may wonder why I care about one more Israel-hating and antisemitic professor. Here’s why: I am an alumnus of Harpur College, which later grew into ‘Binghamton University’ (slogan: “Bold. Brilliant. Binghamton.” — I didn’t make this up), which granted Petras its Bartle chair in Sociology. I even met Dr. Glenn G. Bartle, after whom it’s named, when I went there in 1960.

I have no idea of what Dr. Bartle, a nice man who died in 1977, would have thought about James Petras. I like to imagine that he would turn over in his grave at the way the university that his little college became besmirched his name.

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