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Neturei Karta in New Hampshire

Monday, January 9th, 2012
Ron Paul shakes hands with Neturei Karta leader Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss in New Hampshire

Ron Paul shakes hands with Neturei Karta leader Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss in New Hampshire. Badge reads "A Jew, not a Zionist"

I’ll be uploading my regular article later today, but this was too good not to post:

Members of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta, the same ‘Orthodox’ Jews that were paid by Yasser Arafat and who traveled to Iran to meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called upon the Republican presidential hopefuls in New Hampshire to “support the Palestinian people by rejecting support for Israel as an independent state.”

Poor Ron Paul. He probably thought this photo-op would improve his tattered image among Jews!

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Mini-survey exposes obsession

Sunday, January 8th, 2012
The incredibly offensive Dubai fitness center advertisement

The incredibly offensive Dubai fitness center advertisement

I spent a few minutes on Twitter this morning. Here are some of the things I found:

Adam Levick describes the (UK) Guardian’s fixation on Israel:

What particularly stands out is that Israel, a stable democracy, was covered more than war-torn Afghanistan, Syria (in a year which saw brutal violence in what may be the beginning of regime change), Greece (hit by nothing short of an economic Tsunami), Iraq (a year where terrorism and related inter-sectarian violence still claimed over 4,000 lives), Pakistan (where civil war in the northwest region of the country resulted in over 6000 dead for the year), and Tunisia (where longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted in a revolution)

Even further down on the list are countries you’d expect would receive more coverage: Turkey (326 tags), Sudan (173 tags), Bahrain (348 tags, despite an uprising against the government which resulted in many dead and several thousand arrests).

Martin Kramer relates Hamas leader Hanyeh’s cheerleading in Tunis:

So Ismail Haniya, Hamas “prime minister” from Gaza, visits Tunisia ( to cuddle with the fairly-elected “moderate” Islamist Nahda party, and a crowd at the airport greets him (in Arabic) thus:
Cheerleader: “Kick the Jews!”
Crowd: “It’s [our] duty!”
Cheerleader: “Drive out the Jews!”
Crowd: “Duty!”
Cheerleader: “Kill the Jews!”
Crowd: “Duty!”
Oh, don’t get so worked up. They really meant the Zionists, right?

Somebody named Pat Carmeli writes (on anti-Israel scumbag Philip Weiss’ website) that police officers guarding synagogues are anti-peace:

I asked the officer if he provides security for churches or mosques and he replied that he might direct traffic after a “big football game at a Catholic school.”  This officer, it turned out, frequently works events at area synagogues.  I just wonder if the police presence at these events, serves as a constant reminder to the attendees of “Jews as victims,” and if in some small and indirect way it hinders the pursuit of a real peace based on fairness and justice for all.

This one (see photo above), which defies description:

A Dubai fitness center has pulled an ad that featured train tracks to the Auschwitz death camp and the slogan,” Kiss your calories goodbye.”

Phil Parkinson, manager of the Circuit Factory in Dubai, admitted he was “not surprised people have reacted so strongly regarding the poster,” according to “The creative team got it badly wrong. I am not surprised people are upset,” he said, adding that he was “mortified” when he saw the ad. He tweeted: “Apologies for the insane poster campaign that was put up this morning. The creative guy has been told where to go.”

Egypt reportedly plans to bill Israel for destroying its air force “for no reason” in 1967, among other things.

Conspiracy nut Wayne Madsen has ‘proof’ that the Mossad was responsible for 9/11:

A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated “Al Qaeda” cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.

In Italy,

In the end of December, [an Italian] high school teacher posted on Facebook a picture of Mussolini shaking the hand of Hitler, and wrote a message saying: “Take a look, you dirty bastard Jews who control us from the land of shit and homosexuals called California. If you remove this picture, I will go to the synagogue next to my house, with my pistol, and gun down some parasite Jews.”

These are just items posted over a period of several hours! None of it would make sense in a rational world. There is a worldwide obsession with Jews and Israel, stupid and vicious.

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Israel did keep its promise to Hamas, despite left-wing media fairy tale

Friday, January 6th, 2012
Palestinians demonstrate triumphantly at the second phase of the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, December 18, 2011

Palestinians demonstrate triumphantly at the second phase of the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, December 18, 2011

An article by John Glaser published yesterday at “” is headlined thus:

Israel Plans to Betray Promise on Prisoner Swap Deal

The second part of the agreement – to release another 550 Palestinians after the return of Gilad Shalit – may be abandoned

Glaser goes on to say that

… a government-appointed panel in Israel recommended in a secret report Thursday to back out of the deal. Defense Minister Ehud Barak would not divulge details of the report but said Israel has “no choice but to overhaul the rules” now that Sgt. Gilad Schalit has been freed.

The second half of Palestinian prisoners, some of whom are children and minors, are reportedly serving sentences for “security offenses,” not for violent attacks or for being part of either Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

Now here is the reality:

The second and final half of the prisoner release deal (what I have called the ‘jailbreak’) occurred 0n December 18. A total of 1027 prisoners, including multiple murderers, were released in the swap for the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

It is true that the 550 convicts released in the second phase tended to be those serving lighter sentences or those near the end of their sentences. This is because the deal called for Hamas to pick those to be released in the first part and Israel the second. The mass murderers and other more serious offenders were released in October.

In a fascinating example of the pathological thinking of the Israeli extreme Left, Ha’aretz writer Akiva Eldar said that Israel had treated the Palestinians unfairly by releasing too many car thieves and not enough murderers!

The ‘secret government report’ that Mr. Glaser refers to deals with recommendations for the appropriate strategy for Israel to take the next time the savages take hostages and demand ransom:

Interviewed on Israel Radio, [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak was asked about a classified report submitted to him on guidelines for handling negotiations regarding abducted soldiers. The interviewer asked whether the rules were expected to be made stricter so it would “no longer be 1,000 terrorists for one soldier.”

“I believe that will be the conclusion,” Mr. Barak said. “There is no choice. We have to change the rules fundamentally to protect the state’s overall interests.” He said an important part of the report’s conclusions were on “how to approach the negotiations, in what framework, with what rules, and I think it’s clear that the rules will be a lot stricter.” — NY Times

Glaser’s story is simply fabricated. In fact, Israel did keep its word to the terrorist organization that had held a young man, Gilad Shalit, underground in the Gaza Strip and incommunicado for more than five years.

For my part, I don’t believe that there is a moral obligation to treat murderers and hostage-takers fairly. Here’s what I said at the time of the first release:

Let’s remember that Israel is not releasing these prisoners, who by all rights should serve out their sentences, because it lost a bet on a football game to Hamas and the PLO. They are being released in payment of ransom, to free a kidnap victim … There is no difference between this and a situation in which gang members free their confederates by holding a gun to the head of a hostage. The idea that one could behave dishonorably toward the gang in that situation is absurd.

I’ll send this information to Glaser. Let’s see if he’ll retract his story.

Update [1402 PST]: took the article down. Glaser apparently received a lot of heat for it, because he apologized.

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Live in the UK? Then read this…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The quite interesting (and temperate) article below was written by Barry Rubin and posted at his usual spot on PJ Media. So why am I reproducing it in full instead of just linking to it?

Because if you live in the UK your government may not let you read this.

Rubin tells us,

I have just been informed that my PJ article, “Egypt: As Grim Islamists March Toward Power, The Naïve Dance in Tahrir Square” has been barred on sites used by officials of a European government–hint, they speak English there and it is the birthplace of modern democracy and free speech–on the grounds that this article is “hate speech.” What this means is that if you work for any institution that is part of this government–including the Foreign or Defense ministries–you cannot read this PJ Media column on your computer that’s part of such a server.

The message reads: Access denied — reason given : hate speech…

I cannot even figure out who I am supposedly telling people to “hate.” Is it “hate speech” to argue anything other than that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate pro-democratic group? Why isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizballah, and other such groups being banned for “hate speech” given their open statements advocating genocide against Jews?

Well, Western democracies have finally accepted censorship based on the clever lie that they are only protecting people from racism and those who want to incite violence and murder.  The door that this is opened has now made possible what liberals and democrats have warned against for more than a century–even though people claiming such positions are responsible for this–giving authorities to block and ban political views that they don’t like.

So if you happen to get your internet access via a UK government server, please read the article here (at least until Big Brother notices and bans this post as well).


Egypt: As Grim Islamists March Toward Power, The Naïve Dance in Tahrir Square
December 26, 2011 – 10:50 am – by Barry Rubin

“Germany was having trouble,
What a sad, sad story.
Needed a new leader
To restore its former glory.
Where, oh, where was he,
Who could that man be?
We looked around,
And then we found,
The man for you and me,
And now its….”

-–”The Producers”

Almost 80 percent of Egyptian Muslims in nine provinces voted for radical Islamist parties in the second round of Egypt’s election. Roughly 5 percent voted for a moderate Islamic party and about 15 percent voted for liberal parties.

That says it all. In the overall vote — that is, including the Christian voters — 70 percent supported  radical Islamists, 47 percent (4 million) supported the Muslim Brotherhood (86 of 180 available seats so far; they might win more), and 32 percent were for the Salafists (3.2 million; the Washington Post seriously underestimated their votes).

The liberal (but not overtly anti-Islamist) Wafd won 1 million; the liberal Egyptian Bloc won almost 800,000; and the moderate Islamic Wasat Party got 370,000.

Incidentally, the vice-chairman of the Wafd said in an interview last July that the U.S. government carried out the September 11 attacks and Anne Frank’s diary was a fake. At least he doesn’t like Iran, though he thinks it is right about the Holocaust being phony. And he’s the liberal.

In preparation for the new order, the military junta is closing down shops selling alcohol. It’s only the beginning. The much-touted Turkish model shows how Islamic law can be introduced gradually and more subtly: simply keep raising taxes on such beverages until no one can afford them. Raymond Stock describes the destruction of Egypt’s greatest library.

Egyptians and foreign observers now have two choices: face reality or retreat into comfortable fantasies about moderate Islamists. The Christian population cannot afford to engage in fantasies so it is increasingly fleeing, as documented by Lucette Lagnado in a moving, detailed article on Coptic refugees in the United States.

In “Tahrir: The Seed and the Utopia,” Egyptian blogger Big Pharoah, who spends much of his time in Canada, presents an idealistic but ultimately horrifying vision.  For him, the Tahrir Square of the demonstrators is a paradise where he would like to live.

I sometimes believe there is something supernatural in Tahrir; some kind of energy that transforms whomever chooses to be part of it. They say we Egyptians are lazy. Tahrir is a beehive. During sit-ins, everyone has a thing to do; from the elderly woman who prepares sandwiches to the young men who guard the gates….

It’s believed Egyptians are intolerant. Not a month passes without a sectarian crisis somewhere. Not in Tahrir though. In the square, the Muslim Brotherhood doctor treats patients inside a church. Christians form a protective circle around praying Muslims. In fact, Tahrir might be the only place Christians prayed in outside their churches.

….I tend to look at Tahrir as a mental state. As a seed that was planted in this country. And just like any seed, it is destined to grow. This is the reason why they’re doing everything to choke it. Because if Tahrir came out of Tahrir, this country will change forever and threaten whatever interests they’re trying to protect.

Actually, Tahrir was the seed that brought the plant of revolutionary Islamist authoritarianism. (I’ll keep the word totalitarianism for later on, when it might be needed.) The liberals were a tiny minority who in their combination of hope and arrogance thought that they were something powerful in the country. Meanwhile, the Islamists used the liberals as cover to climb into power. They were on their good behavior for strategic reasons.

Beautiful dreams often engender horrific realities: the Weimar Republic in Germany, the glorious dawn of the French Revolution, and the idealism of the Russian Revolution gave way to something else entirely.

Ironically, a Coptic refugee — in a sinister echo of Big Pharoah’s Brotherhood doctors treating Christians anecdote — recounts how a Muslim physician treating her daughter at a hospital offered to give her a clitorectomy, absolutely free of charge.  It was the “last straw” that made the family flee the country.

Of course, not all Egyptian Muslims think that way by any means. But the problem is that 70 to 80 percent of them are ready to vote that way. The excuses are endless: the Islamists are moderate; the Islamists aren’t really Islamists; being in power will moderate them; there are moderate factions; they don’t really mean what they say; they only mean what they say when talking to Western journalists.

The rationales aren’t based on evidence. They are based on wishful thinking, the same wishful thinking that enabled a tiny group of highly Westernized liberals in a few wealthy districts of Cairo to think that they actually represented the country.

Even today, the Tahrir Square political naifs are spending their energy fighting the army while their future masters entrench themselves in power through organization and the ballot box. In some bizarre dance of death — Tahrir is indeed a “mental state” but in political terms one of mental dysfunction — the liberal demonstrators demand the army turn over power faster.  Faster to whom? The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists?

This is not to belittle the genuine spirit of idealism and the desire for a real and stable democracy of human and civil rights that many Egyptians want. But what’s most important is not what they desire but the actual effect of their ideas and actions.

There are wolves all too ready to profit from the gamboling of the sheep. Indeed, they are even quite willing to put on a wool disguise to lull them further into daydreams. The French aristocrat who converted to Catholicism to be king said that Paris was well worth a mass. The Islamists think that Cairo is well worth inviting dumb American journalists to dinner and being hospitable to them.

It’s the same generally with the West, dreaming of a moderate Palestinian state at peace with Israel; of moderate Islamists happily preserving their religion of peace; of Middle Easterners expressing gratitude to those wonderful Westerners who stopped backing dictators and evil Zionists to support instead the masses’ legitimate aspirations; and all the rest of that man-made global balminess.

Try to explain your good intentions to the firing squad. Blindness and wishful thinking are traits one cannot afford in the Middle East because the price for them is going to be very, very high.

Extra credit: in discussing Big Pharoah’s description of a seed, I suggested it has brought the ugly flower of radical Islamism. That reminds me of the evil flowers (Fleurs de Mal), the book of poetry by the French poet Charles Baudelaire. A community center named after the poet was one of the first buildings burned down in the Muslim riots in Paris.

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Political correctness, Jew-hatred and Islam

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Dr. Charles Jacobs is a longtime anti-slavery and pro-Israel activist, one of the founders of CAMERA and the American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG). He has also been a persistent critic of the ADL, arguing that it concentrates way too much on ‘old-fashioned’ neo-Nazi antisemitism and not enough on threats from Islamists and the extreme Left. What I found interesting in a recent exchange was this:

Shifting the focus away from skinheads, neo-Nazis, and Christian bigots and onto radical leftists and Muslim Jew-hatred would be extraordinarily difficult. It would require a massive and unpopular effort: leading the Jews to think difficult thoughts about their new situation, thoughts that put them at odds with their comforting universalist theology of Political Correctness. And it would be costly: ADL would forfeit loads of leftwing money – and its liberal bona fides. The organization would hardly ever get a letter published in The New York Times. It would be viciously attacked by Islamist leadership. CAIR would be relentless. Abe Foxman, ADL’s head, acknowledges that Islamic Jew hatred is the biggest threat we face (he’s still shy about the radical left)  – yet ADL spends much, much more time, effort, resources and focus on the older, less dangerous threats while practically ignoring the new, more ominous ones.

The problem he touches on is not just an issue for Jews and Israel. The taboos of political correctness (PC) applied to anything connected with Islam or Muslims have the Orwellian effect of making it impossible to describe the motivating force of the great majority of armed conflicts in progress today, or even the future of Western civilization.

PC says that one may not criticize a religion or a group of individuals characterized by a religion. Someone who does that is accused of practicing hate and is called a bigot. Haters and bigots are considered the morally defective dregs of humanity, and anything one of them says can be ignored. Hitler and Bull Connor are common examples of bigots, and the Holocaust of the European Jews is used as a cautionary tale about the wages of hate.

On the other hand, it is considered entirely legitimate to attack ideologies or political or economic systems in the most vicious terms possible. It is even permissible to exaggerate and lie when doing so, because “it’s politics.” Marxism, Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Zionism, etc. are fair game.

Probably the trauma of slavery and institutionalized racism in the US and the Holocaust in Europe had something to do with the development of the shibboleths of PC, which even have the force of law in many nations. PC can be understood as an attempt to root out the darker aspects of our culture that allowed these atrocities to happen.

PC distorts the truth, and doesn’t even achieve its intended goals. Direct expressions of Jew-hatred in the developed world have been severely limited by PC. But, unfortunately, the same feelings are now expressed as rage against Zionism or Israel, entities not protected by PC rules. Unacceptable Jew-hatred evolved into ‘normal’ Israel-hatred. Today, the inevitable reaction against PC is bringing back traditional antisemitism as well.

Islam is more than just a set of religious beliefs. The main texts of Islam also include a legal system and a political ideology. What we call ‘political Islam’, ‘militant Islam’ or ‘Islamism’ is the attempted actualization of the political ideology of Mohammad — a highly particularist, aggressive and warlike one — in today’s world.

As a political ideology, and an unfriendly one at that, it is essential that we have the ability to learn about, to discuss, and to criticize it. But the position of the major Muslim organizations in the US, the Obama Administration, the ADL, most politicians and political organizations of the Center and Left, most academics, etc. is that the rules of PC forbid this. This has led to such absurdities as a government dictate that official discussions of terrorism must not use the word ‘jihad’, although most present-day terrorism is in fact perpetrated under the banner of jihad!

Part of the ideology of political Islam is that the Islamic legal system, Shari’a, must be applied to Muslims and of course to countries under Islamic control. Principles of Shari’a directly contradict our modern views about the equality of all people, regardless of gender or religion. Shari’a is all about a pervasive hierarchy of rights and privileges given to Muslim  men, women, Jews and Christians, and others. Conflict is guaranteed when Islamists become a sizable minority in a liberal culture, as is becoming apparent in the UK and other European countries.

It is necessary and possible for non-Muslims to learn to understand the principles of political Islam and Shari’a. It is not inappropriate to criticize their application to unbelievers and women.

It’s way past time to distinguish the religious and political parts of Islam.

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