Another California academic

As'ad Abu Khalil, the "angry Arab"

As’ad Abu Khalil, the “angry Arab”

Will Zionists ever learn how much Arabs hate Israel?
My favorite Zionist delusion is the notion that the Arab people don’t hate Israel but that the Arab governments incite the people to hate Israel, when it is the other way round.  “London 2012 organising committee officials erected a makeshift curtain to split the two halves of a training gym at the ExCeL centre on Friday afternoon to placate the Lebanese team, which was refusing to train at the same time as the Israelis.” – As’ad (“Angry Arab”) Abu Khalil

I had intended to write about why so many peace projects — Oslo, the treaty with Egypt, improving relations with Turkey, etc. — have foundered on the rocks of Arab and Muslim hatred for Jews and Israel. I had planned to illustrate it with Mr. Angry Arab’s remark, as well as the video of Egyptian celebrities exploding in paroxysms of rage in the presence of pretend ‘Israelis’.

But the more I looked at Abu Khalil’s remarks, the more I realized that I agree with him about so many things! I thought it would be interesting to point this out.

Not Israel — he hates it and hates Zionism. I’m a Zionist and I love Israel. So we have an issue there.

For example, he wrote this about left-wing, anti-“occupation” musician Daniel Barenboim:

Can an Israeli redeem himself/herself?
I am often asked that question since I adhere to boycott of all things Israeli.  The answer is yes provided 1) the person refuses to serve in the Army or the intelligence service of the state as part of military service; 2) the person must leave the house he/she occupies and the land on which he/she stands on because chances are the house is occupied, in the literal sense, and the land is occupied, in the literal sense; 3) the person must engage in armed struggle against the terrorist state of Israel.  If an Israeli person fulfills those conditions, he/she should be acceptable from a pro-Palestinian point of view.

He often refers to “terrorist Israel” and repeats Palestinian folktales about the “Jenin massacre” and the reality inversions about the IDF targeting Palestinian children (when, on our planet, Palestinian Arab terrorists go after Jewish children). He travels around giving presentations on “The Case Against Israel.” Not much to agree with there.

But look, he’s an Arab who hates Israel. How refreshing, compared to the Jewish idiots that hate Israel, like Max Blumenthal, Philip Weiss or the editorial board and publisher of Ha’aretz!

And we do agree that both Bashar al-Assad and the “Free Syrian Army” are vicious criminals. We agree that the PA, Fatah and Hamas are corrupt organizations that screw the Palestinian Arabs. We agree that the New York Times is outrageously biased (although we disagree about the direction it leans). He doesn’t trust the Turkish regime (OK, it’s not anti-Israel enough for him), and he dislikes the House of Saud, its corruption and its international meddling. Me too.

What a guy! And he lives right here in Central California, about an hour up the road in Modesto.

He’s a tenured Professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, and a visiting professor at UC Berkeley. He taught at Tufts University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Colorado College, and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.

He teaches courses in American Government, Comparative Politics: Middle East, Gender & Sexuality in the Middle East, and Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (I can only imagine what this is like).

He’s paid — we California residents pay him — to teach our children.

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2 Responses to “Another California academic”

  1. MDA says:

    The Zionist delusion that Arab governments incite hostility against Israel amongst Moslem Arabs is comical were it not such a good example of so “self delusion”

    Mohammed Deedat travelled the world inciting his listeners to condemn both Jews and Christians. He did not represent any political government of any nation. He represented the Sharia Theocracy that intends to dominate the world. To Deedat Israel was an irritant to be eliminated by extinction.

    Deedat inspired and mobilized Islamic youth across North America (U.S. and Canada) during his three years of North American touring in the early 1980’s.

    It appears the Zionists were either willfully blind or abysmally ignorant or both of the fact that Deedat and similar motivational speakers and Leaders of Islamism represented no government. We are paying to day for the seeds of his unchecked and very effective Islamic propaganda.

  2. Shalom Freedman says:

    I sometimes wonder if Arab – Islamic haters of Israel simply lie outrageously and know their lying or rather cannot really distinguish between their own fantasies and any objective factual reality. There is much evidence for the latter. I only yesterday read a hate- piece from an Egyptian online publication and was amazed at how outrageous and even stupid the presentation was. I asked , ‘Is this man lying or lost in his own world of rumor and fantasy?’
    What is sickening and sad is that so many of the Middle East Studies Departments of U.S. universities have characters like the one you describe in the article. Who beside the American David Horowitz has really taken them on in a serious way? ( Martin Kramer? Daniel Pipes? Steven Emerson?)