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Reuters inverts reality

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Reuters has gone completely over the top. They are no more reliable or less biased than Al-Jazeera — indeed, they are worse because everyone understands Al-Jazeera’s point of view, while some still take Reuters seriously.

Yesterday I mentioned several incidents in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. In one case two border police officers were ambushed and shot, one fatally. In the other, two Hamas terrorists infiltrated a school in Kfar Etzion and started stabbing people; they were overpowered and killed by two of the teachers.

Get ready for this. Here is how Reuters reports these incidents:

Two Palestinians, Israeli killed in W.Bank incidents

JERUSALEM, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Jewish settlers shot dead two Palestinians and gunmen killed an Israeli border policeman in two separate incidents in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, medical and security services said.

Note that the headline and the story mentions the Palestinians first, and does not suggest that they were doing anything other than minding their own business when (in highly emotive language) the “settlers shot [them] dead”.

Police said Palestinian gunmen shot an Israeli paramilitary border policeman near the Shuafat refugee camp near Jerusalem and that he died of his wounds at the scene.

A woman, also from the Israeli security services, received moderate to serious gunshot wounds in the same incident, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Israel Radio reported that a large number of police and soldiers were combing the area, searching for the gunmen.

OK, although I’m not sure what the faintly disreputable word ‘paramilitary’ is supposed to add. Now let’s get to how the Palestinians died, five paragraphs into the story:

In the second incident, settlers overpowered and shot dead two Palestinians who infiltrated a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, an army spokeswoman said.

Israel radio said the Palestinians had stabbed two settlers at the Kfar Etzion settlement, not far from Bethlehem, before being shot, and a hospital spokeswoman in Jerusalem said the settlers’ injuries were light to moderate. [my emphasis]

Just in case you might have mistakenly thought that they were humans living in a kibbutz, the article uses the words ‘settlers’ and ‘settlement’ no less than six times.

The “Palestinians” — who should be called ‘terrorists’ if anyone should — disabled an alarm system and cut the perimeter fence at the kibbutz, which houses a yeshiva operated by the famed Talmudic scholar, Adin Steinsaltz. Dressed in stolen IDF uniforms, they sneaked into a meeting of teachers and attempted to stab them; they were shot by one of the teachers. Similar infiltrations have resulted in numerous Israeli deaths.

Just a word about the ‘settlement’ of Kfar Etzion. It was originally founded on legally purchased land by Yemenite Jews in 1927, abandoned several times due to Arab attacks and rebuilt. Finally, in 1948 Kibbutz Kfar Etzion was overrun by the British-commanded Jordanian Arab legion. Here is an account of what happened:

On the 13th of May the defenders of Kfar Etzion surrendered to the Legion. The Legion honored the surrender, though Arab irregulars continued to fire for some time. The defenders gathered in front of the school and put down their weapons. They were photographed by someone in a kaffiyeh (Arab headdress and European suit). Then an armored car, apparently belonging to the Legion, approached and opened fire, and other Arab attackers opened fire with submachine guns and grenades. Some survivors claimed Legion soldiers were not involved, others insisted that they were. Survivors all recall that that the Arabs were screaming “Deir Yassin.” All accounts agree that Legion officers rescued several survivors.

About 50 defenders escaped to the cellar of the old German monastery that was within the grounds, and tried to defend themselves there. The Arab attackers finished them off with hand grenades and then blew up the building, which collapsed over them. All but about five defenders were eventually killed. In all, about 128 defenders were massacred by the Palestinian Arab irregulars or the Jordan Legion, counting those who had escaped to the basement of the monastery. Some accounts do not count these people as “massacred” and estimate that fifty were massacred. However, those who fled to the basement were given no chance to surrender. One of the survivors, a woman, was taken to a field to be raped by two Legion soldiers, but saved by an officer. About 157 Jewish defenders died in the final battle for Gush Etzion, including those killed in the massacre.

After the illegal 19-year Jordanian occupation ended in 1967, Kfar Etzion was rebuilt yet again.

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Reality inversion alerts

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Everything is backwards!

‘Moderate’ reality inversion from the PA:

Israeli operations in Nablus and in other West Bank territory are destructive to the renewal of the peace process, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad said Friday afternoon.

The operations ruin the PA’s security efforts which have begun to bear fruit,” said Fayad, adding that the Israeli interference in the area harmed the authority’s defense plans which included the confiscation of weapons and the arrest of suspects in Nablus, Tulkarm and Bethlehem.

Fayad’s comments came into response to joint IDF and Shin Bet operations in Nablus that were still being conducted in the area as late as Friday. On Thursday, troops uncovered a hidden weapons cache in which soldiers found two rockets at an advanced stage of preparation.Jerusalem Post

OK, so the implication is that rockets are constructive?

How about some more extreme inversion from our friends at Hamas:

GAZA, PIC– Hamas Movement has warned Thursday that the Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem was facing serious Israeli attempts to destroy it with the aim to build the alleged Third Temple on its ruins. —Palestinian Information Center

Indeed. Olmert himself plans to take the job of kohen gadol.

Here’s a report of a recent IDF atrocity from our friends in the International Solidarity Movement (ISM):

Israeli army invades and occupies Hebron hospital

At approximately 6PM on December 27, Human Rights Workers (HRWs) received notice that the Israeli military had invaded the Al Ahli Hospital in Hebron. The occupation of Al Ahli hospital was part of a number of military actions by the Israeli military in response to the killing of two off-duty soldiers by Palestinian militiamen in the Hebron area midday Friday.

Yes, you can say it was ‘in response’ to the killings. They were looking for one of the terrorists who gunned down two young Israeli hikers in cold blood earlier that day. So the hospital should be a sanctuary for murderers?

And finally, some brilliant analysis from the always perceptive Jewish Voice for Peace:

The obvious fact that Israeli incursions and attacks in Gaza have been going on all this time and the fire at Sderot continues would seem, however, to contradict the Israeli government’s statements that their attacks on Gaza are aimed at preventing the rocket and mortar fire across the border.

So, because Hamas and friends have not stopped firing rockets, Israel’s base motives are revealed! There is some other reason, rather than just trying to end the rocket fire, for the military action! Maybe the Zionists want to distract attention from their construction of the third Temple.

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Reality inversion alert!

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Donatella Rovera, chief researcher for Amnesty International on Israel and the Palestinians, said that human rights issues — meaning closures, roadblocks, the security fence, etc. were not on the table at Annapolis.

And it’s clear to her that these ‘violations of Palestinian rights’ are due to the presence of Israeli settlements in the territories:

“Now these are consequences of the settlements. If you put a grid of where the closures, the forbidden roads, and the separation barrier are located over a map of the area, [you will see that] the location of all of them is determined by the location of the settlements. Clearly, as long as the settlements are there, the restrictions will not be lifted.” — Jerusalem Post [my emphasis]

Simple cause and effect: the settlements cause the problem; take them away, and the problem will go away.


The ‘rights violations’ are there because Palestinians are trying to attack the settlements and kill their residents. Take away the al-Aqsa brigades, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ad inf., and there will be no need for closures, checkpoints, or a security fence. It would have been more correct to say “as long as the terrorists are there, the restrictions will not be lifted”.

But Ms. Rovera doesn’t see that she has it backwards, because she is convinced that the settlements themselves are a violation of the Palestinians’ rightsthe ‘right’ that they claim to be free of Jews in ‘their’ land — and so their terrorism is entirely justified. Anything the Jews do to prevent it is a further violation.

She also obviously does not see that removing the settlements would not end the problem, because if the settlements were removed, the terrorism would move up to the Green Line — just as it did when Israel withdrew from Gaza. And there would be more ‘rights violations’ when Israel tried to defend herself from there.

So the settlements are in fact not the cause of the problem — the Palestinians’ use of terrorism to drive the Jews out of the land is. But it should already be clear that this is not a problem for her.

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You have it backwards, Ms. Rice

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Rice and Mahmoud AbbasBy Vic Rosenthal

Condoleezza Rice ‘understands’ everybody’s pain:

“I know what its like to hear that you can’t use a certain road or pass through a checkpoint because you are a Palestinian. I know what it is like to feel discriminated against and powerless,” Rice told a closed meeting of Arab and Israeli representatives, according to the Dutch representative at the summit, Franz Timmermans.

“Like Israelis, I understand what it’s like to go to sleep not knowing if you will be hurt in an explosion, the feeling of terror walking around your own neighborhood, or walking to your house of prayer,” Timmermans quoted Rice as saying, the Washington Post reported. — Jerusalem Post [my emphasis]

Dear Ms. Rice,

Your implied analogy between Palestinians and black Americans in the segregated South is so bad that I cringe.

Can you honestly compare institutions segregated because of groundless racial prejudice with checkpoints at which terrorists carrying bombs are stopped on a regular basis?

Can you honestly compare a fence to keep terrorists out with restrictions on where blacks are permitted to live?

Can you honestly compare the fate of a Hamas rocket squad hit by the IAF with that of the civil rights workers who were beaten with chains and shot to death in Mississippi in 1961?

Can you honestly compare the great Dr. King with the abominable Yasser Arafat?

How can you insult the massive numbers of nonviolent blacks who protested and demonstrated against segregation, exposing themselves to beatings, jailing and even possible murder at the hands of the Klan and racist local police (often one and the same) by comparing them to Palestinians, who either directly carry out terrorist acts of murder and mayhem or, in large majority, applaud those who do?

The Palestinian Arabs, with the military, diplomatic and financial backing of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, refuse to agree that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state, refuse to stop terrorism against it, and insist that Israel accept almost 5 million hostile Arabs. How is this in any way parallel to the struggle of American blacks to end segregation and discrimination?

There is no parallel, Ms. Rice, except in the doubletalk of the Arabs and their friends, and the media fakery that creates massacres and murders where there aren’t any. And then these non-massacres and non-murders are used as incitement to lynch — you are familiar with this concept? — innocent Israelis.

You have it backwards, Ms. Rice.

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Reality inversion alert!

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Reality inversion alerts will be issued by whenever Israel’s enemies or their lackeys are caught using their favorite propaganda technique, which is to turn the truth upside down by falsely accusing Israel of doing exactly what they themselves do or try to do.

So, for example, when lackey of apartheid Saudi Arabia Jimmy Carter accuses Israel of being an “apartheid state”, or when the genocidal Hamas movement accuses Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians, reality inversion is taking place.

Here’s today’s inversion:

The Turkish delegation that visited Jerusalem in March to inspect the excavations at the Mughrabi Gate near the Temple Mount has concluded that the work is destroying artifacts from different historic Islamic periods, and called on Israel to coordinate their activities with the Palestinians and the international community, the Turkish newspaper A-Zamaan reported on Saturday.

“The work being conducted by Israel does not abide by the appropriate [excavation standards], and the dig testifies to the fact that Israel is interested in destroying artifacts from the Islamic periods,” the report quoted the envoy as saying. — Jerusalem Post

Of course this is not the case. In fact, the digging around the Mughrabi Gate (outside the walls of the Temple Mount) has been done under extremely close archaeological supervision. On the other hand the Muslim Waqf is now — and has in the past — conducted extensive construction activity on the Temple Mount itself with no supervision, and archaeologists were scandalized when artifacts were found in discarded rubble.

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